Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bridal Shower

The bridal shower was wonderful. My daughter Caitlin was actually glowing! I love the dress she picked out it made her look so bride like! Warning lots of pictures to follow....

Her maid of honor, Amanda and her matron of honor, Jenny decorated the room. It was so pretty!

The bridesmaids were scurrying about with the finishing touches. My granddaughter Fallon was also a big help.

The color scheme was pink and aqua, be still my heart!

Caitlin did not want any games (thank you) so I thought this was a nice compromise.

Party favors.

She looked so pretty.

Maddy's cookbook was a big hit. Yes the Hello Kitty bag was what she chose to wrap some of her gifts in.

My quilt was one of the first gifts she opened. She started crying right away, she really likes it! I wasn't so sure she would. It still is hard to photograph.

Her she is with 3 of her best friends, Wendy, Caitlin, Amanda and Kelly with Maddy in front. She has been friends with Amanda since kindergarten and with Kelly since 2 grade.

Maddy brought one of her best friends, Julie.

Here she is with all her bridal party....Keagan, Krista, Jenny, Mary, Wendy, Caitlin, Amanda, Kelly, Georgetta, Deanna and flower girl, Madison.

My job was to do the flowers. I bought hydrangea, stock (the purplish one) and roses in pink and white with pink edging. We put them in antique blue Ball canning jars.

They turned out pretty nice and looked very pretty in the room. The stock smelled so good, kind of spicey.

This is her fiance, Jim. He came when it was all over to help get everything home.
He is a super guy and I think they will be very happy. Only 2 more months to go!



  1. Oh, she looks so pretty and happy too. The room and flowers look beautiful. (I like the first picture of the three of you).
    Her quilt looks so pretty, I can see how it is hard to photograph, have to get it just right or the colors wash out, but the left edge shows the beautiful colors. I know it will be loved forever.
    Congrats to the happy couple.

  2. Wow, so beautiful! The bride and the quilt! It looks like you all had a great time. The flowers are gorgeous, especially since Hydrangeas are my favorites.

  3. What a lovely party. You all look so happy. Your quilt for your daughter was beautiful. It fit into the color scheme. Mom's know everything.

  4. thank you so much for sharing such a happy doesn't seem so long ago that my daughter had her shower at my house...(hmmm, 4 grandchildren later--I guess time does fly away on you). Happy times...hugs, Julierose

  5. Don't need to apologize for sharing nice pics of such a happy event! And I have three daughters, so I'm taking notes on these things! Everybody looked so nice, I love how girls are wearing dresses again. Love your quilt Kelly! Every happiness to Caitlin and Jim!

  6. It's lovely to see such wonderful photos of a happy day! Caitlin and her friends all look so beautiful. The flowers arrangements are dreamy, I love the scent of stock. Wow to your wedding quilt- it's so beautiful in those soft colours!!

  7. Everyone looks so happy. Every thing looks so pretty too great job. Kathie

  8. Oh what fun! Everyone and everything in that room is glowing!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your pictures! Everything was so pretty and I love the first photo of you, Caitlin and Maddy.
    Love your quilt and flowers too! Best wishes to everyone!

  10. How fun for you! Neither of our children had a bridal shower, so I missed out on all that. Looks like it was really pretty, and I think I can smell those stock flowers! Your daughter is a beauty. You can rightly feel very proud. Continue to enjoy all the planning and preparations.

  11. What a wonderful day. Everyone and everything looks so pretty. The decorations are gorgeous. Your daughter looks beautiful and excited by all the events. Lovely flowers.
    Your quilt was obviously greatly appreciated.

  12. Kelly!
    What a great post! She looks amazing! So beaming with happiness!
    You, I don't think I have ever seen you in a dress! You look absolutely stunning too. Looks like it was a perfect party!
    I liked the message on wine bottle decoration. Better than games for sure!

  13. what a lovely party!! Everyone looks so happy and beautiful. Caitlin looks so pretty in pink! You and Maddy look pretty too - what a beautiful photo - needs a frame :)
    the treats and decorations are so festive too
    super fun!

  14. Wow wow wow! What a beautiful shower, your daughter is lovely! The quilt is fantastic and it looks like a wonderful day. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
    Hugs, Mickie

  15. What a special day and such a nice looking couple.

  16. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Best wishes to the bride and mother as you gear up for the big day!


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