Thursday, May 24, 2012

Longwood Garden Light Show

My date for the evening

Okay I will warn you now these pictures are a little hard to see but I just wanted to try and share this wonderful experience. Above, my husband Bob hiking through the woods to see the light....Longwood Gardens has an art exhibit called,  Light: Installations by Bruce Munro. It is thousands of lights spread through out their fabulous gardens.

These are a grouping of lights spread out across the field in front of a small pond.

Here they are at night. They are like a light bulb on a stick with fiber optics inside. They change colors as you watch them. Lousy picture but I think you get the idea....

Wouldn't you love this in your back was so peaceful and so lovely!

This was another part of the installation...lily pads made out of CDs. They did not light up.

Here they are in the woods,not quite dark yet but stunning! Again imagine thousands of these all around you!

They also have tree houses that have become a permanent part of their gardens. They are so fun!

How can you not love seeing this!

Inside the conservatory, they had lights that felt like rain drops.

Another installation in the conservatory. It also changed colors.

These pictures are not that great and do not even begin to capture the wonder of this very cool exhibit. If you are ever any where near you must make plans to come and see this. The gardens alone draw people from all around the world. This is a little like icing on the cake!

For more information or to get tickets go to Longwood Gardens the pictures there are spectacular,(way better than mine). It is located in Kennet Square Pennsylvania, phone number is 610-388-1000. Tickets are $18, $15 for seniors, students $8 and kids under 4 free. You will love it....I am not paid to say this, just a happy volunteer!



  1. I hope the display is there for another couple of weeks. I'd love to see it! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. OMG I am coming to this next year - it is incredible! I love gardens and I can't believe I still have not made it to this one - shame on me.
    what a magical time!

  3. Wow!! This looks wonderful!! It must all feel a bit surreal to wander through, a bit like Alice in Wonderland. The CD lilypads are such a clever idea. Sydney has a light festival at the moment where they light up buildings around the city. It makes you look at things differently which is always a great thing.

  4. Beautiful!!

    Wish I lived closer. It looks very serene. Love the CD lily pads.

  5. Oh my! thanks for sharing that. Wish I could be there!

  6. Wow! I'd love to see that in reality.

  7. Ahh, so your part-time job is now as a Pennsylvania travel guide, huh? Loved seeing pictures and hearing about this place. It will definitely be on a future must-see trip.

  8. I was at Longwood a couple of weeks ago and I had heard of this exhibit but now that I've seen the photos, I'm excited to go and see it for myself. Thanks!


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