Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Diary Quilt Tuesday

Let's just say the girls were not into "helping" me make a block. I am not even quite sure what Maddy's drawing is on the right....hmmmmm.

Last night at Penn Oaks Quilt Guild we had a speaker who talked about the Civil War and brought her own Dear Jane quilt that she made. I am drawing a blank as to what her name was......if anyone knows tell me and I will add it.
Her name is Nancy Long form Willow Valley, thank you Nancy R. for sending me the info!

A very interesting fact I learned last night was, during the Civil War the south produced 3/4 of the WORLD'S cotton!!! Did you know that? We would then send it to England where they used it to make textiles to sell back to us. She had lots of those kinds of interesting little facts and she was wearing a lovely dress, complete with hoop skirt.

I went to the book store today to get my husband some books and look what I found! I knew she had a book coming out but did not realize it was this soon. I am looking forward to reading this one tonight.

And I found this magazine which looked kind of interesting too.
What are you reading???



  1. I absolutely {heart} that "Mommy" block--you've got to love it. The repetition of "Mom Mom Mom" is priceless. What a great memento to take out when they are older...Julierose

  2. The Denyse Schmidt book is on my Amazon wishlist and the magazine looks interesting but I don't suppose I'll be able to find it in the UK!

  3. I just bought her new book today too and am looking for that magazine!!!

  4. I have been exploring your blog and I LOVE it! You have given me new ideas and I am inspired!

  5. Cute Mom Mom block.
    Love that Dear Jane quilt. I really enjoy when speakers have those little bits to tell you about history.
    We have that book in the shop, will have to take a better look at it. Now I must hunt that magazine down. Where did you get it?

  6. fun calendar block! Good work Maddy - let's call it abstract.
    Beautiful dear jane quilt -

  7. Another great block!! I love that all the blocks are so different!! You Dear Jane talk sounded so interesting. I'm watching a series called North and South, the English show, not the one set in the Civil War time, anyway its set in the cotton mills in England, they mentioned getting their cotton from America. I wonder if there is a book about the history of cotton... I like the look of your new books. I was tempted by the DS book. Do you like it?


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