Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diary Quilt Tuesday

I will tell you right away I am not thrilled with this block. It is supposed to represent my redbuds which opened almost an entire month early.
The bark is a little too dark and the flowers are lame. I am not changing it....that was a part of my "rules".

I do know that some of them are going to be dogs and this is one of them.

Now to look at the positive the quilting is not bad? Oh my!!

Now I need to ask all of you who watch Mad Men..............what do you think of the first 2 shows? I feel like they are a little slow but think it will pick up. Next question has Betty Draper/January Jones really put on that much weight or is it fake? My husband and I almost did not recognize her. I know she was pregnant when they filmed this season but for some of the time it almost looked fake. Anyone know?



  1. I love the block. The first thing that came to mind was, she has redbuds! So for me it's a great interpretation.

  2. oh I like the block , great job on the quilting
    this is so fun watching you on this journey!

  3. first, I like the block. Actually before I read it, I thought it was thorns on a rose bush.

    As I watched MM on monday, I immediately googled betty's weight gain. It's fake. She actually didn't gain a lot weight while Preggers. It was unsettling to see her that way. The article I read said they used the same techniques as they did on the preg Peggy.
    I think it is a bit slow so far too, but loving it just the same :)

  4. I love the block! Add a border (or just a complementary binding) and I think you'll warm up to it.

    It so funny you say that about the slowness of the two MM episodes, my DH was saying the same thing (and he's new to the series as of last year).

    At first glance I thought January's "weight gain" was special FX make-up but then remembered she was pregnant during the filming of this season last year. But as Barb noted above it seems to be a lot of one and maybe a ittle of the other. Interesting story line development though and definitely keeping it real.

  5. What are you talking about? I love the block! Those buds are perfect.

    I really need to 'get with it' when it comes to MM. Still haven't caught up with previous seasons.

  6. I like your block. The quilting is great.
    I do not watch Mad Men so I can't comment on that.

  7. I'll betcha that when you add it to all the other blocks it'll just sing--very spare and modern, I think-- and the quilting is wonderful. I've just begun quilting my hexies--(ai-yai-yai!) Julierose

  8. I have seen her on the red carpet an she looks fabulous, albeit maybe too skinny. So I vote for a fat suit an prosthetics.
    And K, we can't always love everything we do. But we are more than 1/4 of the way there.

  9. I think the block looks great even if it didn't turn out as you'd hoped. Yes, the quilting looks great too and I do love the colours you have going on.

  10. I like the block, I knew it was a redbud before I scrolled down. Heading back home on I81 was spectacular the redbuds were gorgeous it was the prettiest I have ever seen it. joanne

  11. I have killed two rub bed trees. So I am living viariously through this square!


  12. Well, I like this block!! But you're right that there will be some You don't like. How lovely to have your roses in bloom. We're not getting Mad Men here yet. I can't believe Betty could be fat!


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