Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project For A Year

My diary quilt
I have decided I want to do a long term project. I want to see if I can be disciplined (hahaha)! At least that is my hope....
Next week, December 13th is my 55th birthday. I am going to make a 6 1/2" unfinished block EVERY week for a year, starting and ending on my birthday. Now there are 52 weeks in a year which does not work out well with quilt blocks, so I will have a beginning block (the one above) and an ending block. The plan is for it to be 6 blocks x 9 blocks.
I will post my new block every week (accountable!) on Tuesday.

Here are my rules for the Diary Quilt:

  • The blocks will be 6 1/2 unfinished.
  • It has to be fun, nothing earth shattering. I am not calling it a Journal Quilt, it sound too serious.
  • I can do whatever I want but the plan is to put things that are happening in my life in the block that week.
  • New techniques will be tried.
  • I will try new colors, but will stay with my clear color pallette.
  • I will add some humor into it.
  • Each block will be quilted as I go, so when I am done, so is the quilt! Some by machine and some by HAND!
  • I am going to butt the edges together and zig zag the seams together.
  • I am really, really going to try and not start the block on Monday night....we will see!
  • Any kind of material, button, doodad, paint, ink etc can go on the quilt.
  • I must complete each block in the one week time excuses.

So there you go. I have to give Cheryl credit for giving me the idea, she may be doing something similar.
Anyone else want to give it a try? You could do one a month which is very fun and use a bigger block. Let me know and we can make a list with links to everyone who is giving this a try.

I am already trying to think of what is on the next block that is due 12/20!!!



  1. I would love to challenge myself to do this, but sadly I know how badly I keep promises made to myself :)

  2. Next year is also my 55th birthday but several months before yours!

    Good luck with that project; being a novice all my projects seem to be long term!

  3. sounds like a really fun project I can't wait to see what you make each week!

  4. What a fabulous idea!!! I like that it has to be fun! And that you'll try new techniques. I'm going to enjoy watching and encouraging you through such a wonderful project.

  5. You go girl!!!! An early Happy Birthday too.

  6. What a cool idea! Hmm, will have to think if I could be committed to that but will surely be watching yours!

  7. Quite a commitment...Good luck. It will be fun to follow along.

  8. What a cute idea!! It will be interesting to 'read' what is going on in your life each week with your weekly blocks!!

  9. Oh my goodness so much pressure, but it sounds like lots of fun.

  10. Kelly,

    I love the tittle block. I can not wait to see what happens next week!
    I think Cheryl and you came up with a great idea for this quilt.

  11. Exciting! I'd be afraid of having writers, I mean quilters block. I can't wait to see more. I turned the same age a month ago, that makes us from the same era, lol.

  12. Doo Dads? You are heading to the dark side.
    It would be really fun to do this with you. I know you have the discipline. I'm just not sure I do.

  13. what a n awesome project!
    I know someone that did that for year, but only once a month - your idea is spectacular and I know you'll do it!!
    Can't wait to see it develop

  14. What a fun project! I am tempted but will have more blocks than there are weeks. How would that work?

  15. I am most impressed. This will be exciting to watch your progress and follow along. You've inspired me to think about doing it too. Since my birthday is more than 6 months away, I've got time to mull this over. Meanwhile, I can cheer you along. :)

  16. Hi, Kelly. Surfing a bit on the net and I happened upon your very creative blog. Can't imagine why I haven't run into you before, but anyway. Your weekly block project sounds like a great idea to create play time. Enjoyed the quilts that you share, both yours and those of others. Just very lovely. Happy holiday stitching!
    best from Tunisia,

  17. You are my hero Kelly! I love your first block! I will also be 55 next month so you've really set the bar . . .

  18. gosh 55 is that all, where have all the years gone. I know you will keep to your commitment because I know you. I do not want
    to commit because it would drive me crazy if I didn't do it. so saving myself but it is a nice goal you have set for yourself.
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday love joanne


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