Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miscellaneous Wednesday

Yesterday was guild day at Calico Cutters. This was our block of the month, how cute is this?

Wendy Etzel was our speaker and her are some of her quilts...sorry the pictures are not too good.

The other day I went outside and walked around my yard as the leaves are just starting to turn. I decided to cut some branches and bring fall inside. Looking at this arrangement makes me very happy.

Isn't this cool looking? It's romanesco, I roasted it in the oven, very good!

Plugging away on the Christmas quilt. I think we will call it Peppermint Patio, that is what Maddy calls Peppermint Patties!



  1. Such pretty quilts there, I love the one with the house. Using your leaves for an arrangement is pretty and clever. I like that. And the Christmas quilt is going to be so cute, what a cute name for it!

  2. That is the weirdest looking vegetable I have ever seen. Perfect for Halloween! What did it taste like?

  3. Cute quilts kelly.I love your arrangement as well.Isnt it funny we bring flowers indoors but not to many times branches of leaves, and when it stops raining here Im going to do that myself...thanks for sharing that.

    Have a great day!Oh by the way I never heard of that vegetable either it looks more like a plant.Yes I agree with cheryl what does it taste like???

  4. Stay dry Kelly! Good day to sew that quilt! Your photos are cool, that is a neat cat :) Hugs, Mickie

  5. Does the romanesco taste like regular broccoli?
    Love the fall leaves, I found one yesterday that was an inch long. It is a beautiful deep color.

  6. That is a crazy vegetable. Never saw one in my life. Where did you manage to buy it. I agree with Cheryl that it's great for Halloween!I need to get one of those.
    Debbi F.

  7. I got it at Wegman' is really good.....and a little weird looking!

  8. The block is cute but also a little scary. The quilts on show are pretty amazing, what a talent.
    I can remember romanesco, I haven't see it around for years.
    Happy quilting on the Christmas quilt!

  9. great show and tell -
    love that veggie, I guess it's a veggie, lol.
    pretty leaves, we're still mostly green here -
    Can't wait to see the Christmas quilt - love pink and red together.

  10. What a fun post. Okay. Two things....I am not sure that I could eat that cactus looking veggie...did you grow it? And, I love that Peppermint Patio name and how you arrived at it. My Lula calls Hummingbirds, Honey Birds. Love it!

  11. I'm a bit late, it's already Friday here. That kitty block is cool! You guys have so much fun with Halloween, we don't really celebrate here in Australia. I just love your arrangement of foliage, it looks wonderful on the black/ white table runner! It looks like an interesting quilt presentation, I can't even imagine how to make pictorial quilts like those.


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