Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Finish

Peppermint Patio
I finished the first Christmas quilt. It looks much better in person.

I am happy with the quilting I chose. It would have been a lot easier to do a simple meandering but I opted for a flame type stitch. I like the texture it gives the quilt.

I used a checked binding which I am also happy with and think it gives it a Christmasy type feel.

I used this that I picked up for $4.00, already to go when I need a binding. It is 2 1/4 inches wide which makes a nice size binding. This is going to last me for a while, it is 10 inches across. I wonder how much yardage it is?
I have started on the next quilt too. I think this is going to be fun. I am planning on a buttonhole stitch around each circle. This one is called Gumdrop.
Ruby Slippers of Dorothy of Oz is Proof SHOES Can Change Your LIfe Art Glass Pendant
This made quite a hit the other day. Lots of people emailed me wanting to know where I got it. You can go to  Archipelago Arts to buy one. It's only $10! There are some other cool ones there too.



  1. Oh the quilt is adorable.I love red at Christmas time.

  2. Love your new Christmas quit. The flame stitch quilting looks great!
    Your new one looks fun - love those circles.
    Love the pendant too :)

  3. Your new Christmas quilt is yummy! Love the colours and especially that binding.

  4. Love the quilt and the quilting is perfect. Please tell, where did you get the binding?

  5. What a happy Christmas quilt & I love the flame quilting. Funny necklace!

  6. What a lovely Christmas quilt, such a great pattern to show off those fabrics. I love your new one too! Are you playing Christmas carols as you sew?

  7. I think the quilt looks great! And where did you get that binding? I could use that in about every different color...imagine never having to cut that stuff out again. Wow!

  8. I agree you picked a wonderful quilting pattern. It so suits that quilt. Love it.
    Thanks for the heads up on the charm, I just purchased one for my sister about

  9. I like how fresh and wonderful your Peppermint quilt looks. Love all the work you have done with the quilting, too.
    Great colours in the new quilt.
    What a great find that roll of binding was. It is such a great colour for you to use on lots of different quilts. Big time saver.

  10. I love the has some of my favorite christmas fabric! And I agree the quilting pattern is fantastic...very nice!

  11. Oh I love that for a christmas quilt, Did you just do improvisational pieces? The quilting looks really good, I like the texture it's given.
    The new one looks like a ton of fun as well.

  12. What a cute Christmas quilt! I like your quilting pattern, it suits. And that binding is wonderful! I can see that on all kinds of quilts - Valentine's, 4th of July, red & white quilts, and so on. Fun! Is that binding available to others?

    Looks like the next quilt is gonna be a winner too. Are you hand or machine stitching around the dots?

    And that necklace is cute. I like the others at her store too.


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