Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not For Valentine's Day

I like to make something special for my sister, Flynn on her birthday. I know she is busy studying so she is not reading my blog. Her kitchen is red so I think she will like these pot holders that I made for her. I like the small size of them, perfect for grabbing hot handles out of the oven.

I used my vintage fabrics, which I have been hoarding. A lot of these I buy at quilt shows.

First I randomly pieced my fabrics together.

Next I cut out 2 pieces of lightweight cotton batting and a backing. I used 2 pieces of batting instead of Insulbrite because I don't care for the stiffness of it.

Next came some random back and forth stitching with the free motion foot.

I traced around a bowl with the size that I liked. It measures a little less than 6" across.

Make some bias binding in a nice color. I used my 3/4" Clover bias maker and it was a little too small (width wise). After the binding was applied the seam allowance was trimmed down so the binding could be turned to the back and stitched down. I think a 1" or even 1 1/4" might have worked better.

This fabric was used for the back of the other one, it used to be curtains. I bought this over a year ago and finally found a practical use.
I also cleaned a little this weekend. I found that it is amazing how much better my sewing room looks just when I vacuum! I did go through piles, reorganized and have a pile to give to the silent auction at my guild.
If only it would last.....

which it did not....I will go and clean up right now.



  1. Cute potholders! Happy Birthday to your sister!
    I get more creative when I attempt to clean the studio! eventually it gets clean but I keep finding new projects to work on in different combination of fabrics and prints.
    By the way, I love than curtain fabric!

  2. Love 'em. We are always in need of kitchen inspirations.

  3. love. love. love those potholders!!

  4. They're a great idea, I love the shape of them. I hope your sister had a wonderful birthday.

  5. They're so fun because they're round! and the fabrics are fabulous. I saw them and started speed reading to find out who designed them. Good old vintage gorgeousness!! Thanks for taking the time to do a tutorial.

  6. I've got fabric lust for that curtain fabric, this quick and easy tute :)

  7. You have an amazing talent, thank you for sharing. My DH is from PA and he vacuums, does laundry and is the best at picking colors. What more could a girl ask?

  8. Love the potholders, your sewing area looks very much like mine. Just noticed that I posted here in April of 2014, which just proves how much I love your tutes and your sharing of your talent.


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