Monday, January 17, 2011

Do You Remember This Quilt?

This quilt is called Celestial Dream and was designed by Susan Powell in 1995. It was a quilt that was very popular at the time. Summer House (now named Lady Fingers), a quilt shop in Oley, PA sold this pattern in kits and I think it was a block of the month too.

I did the center panel in the late 1990's. It was fun to do and is quite large. My applique was pretty good back then!

But this is the reason I want to finish the quilt....this panel is my absolute favorite part of the quilt and took me a long time to do. These are the only 2 sections of the quilt I have done. I want to finish it in some way but will not do it the way it looks in the original picture. Stay tuned!

My Blue Basket of Happiness is finished! I set a goal to finish it over the weekend and got it complete. That is now 2 finished quilts for 2011, I don't think I can keep going at that pace!

Here is a close up of the quilting. This is always the hardest part for me, trying to decide how to quilt it. How do you decide on a quilt pattern? I am always amazed at the people who know how they are going to quilt it before they even make it! Now that would be a fun to try.



  1. Wow, Kelly, I did the Celetial Dream (my first applique quilt!) and I never saw the pattern cover. I didn't make quite full size either. Like the bright basket quilt as well. motivating me!

  2. The Celestail Dreams is amazing. I love how you quilted the baskets, it suits the quilt and what a fast finish, it looks fantastic.

  3. Kelly,

    Your applique is amazing! I love the tree! The quilting on the basket quilt looks really pretty too.

  4. The Blue Baskets quilt is wonderful - love your applique on the Celestial Dreams quilt - good for you to finish up an old project. You're right - your applique is really good!

  5. That Celestial Dreams quilt is fabulous! I hadn't seen that one before. I LOVE the sections you have done..and look forward to seeing what you do with those amazing pieces.

    I can't believe the basket quilt is all quilted already! It looks fabulous. The quilting is just right I'd say. :)

  6. yep, I remember that gosh I thought you had finished that. lol I have to tell you , that basket quilt is OUTSTANDING, I LOVE IT did you dye those fabrics, they are gorgeous. joanne

  7. Mmmm. I love that Susan Powell design. It's on my Christmas list... Yours is just beautiful! ; )

    Your baskets are quite impressive too. I appreciate your bold use of color!!!

  8. I DO remember that quilt pattern! Our local shop had a completed one up on the wall for a long time - seeing it makes me want to go home and build a nine patch border! love those checkerboards. Your applique work is lovely, and the basket quilt - wow, so creative and fun!

  9. I am SO in love with your basket quilt. It's not even a crush, but the real thing... Congratulations on a beautiful finish!
    ; )

  10. Hi, does anyone out there have the pattern/kit that they feel they are no longer interesting in. Do have my heart set on finding the pattern, but am running into soooo many road blocks. Would appreciate any help you can give.
    Barbara Niekerk 410-580-2904 THANK YOU ALL!

  11. Opps! Just reread my original posting and realized I entered my telephone ☎️ number incorrectly-area code is 401, not 410. Thanks.


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