Monday, June 24, 2019

Summer is Here

Summer is finally here! It's almost the 4th of July which always felt like the middle of summer to me. I am on the Executive Board of my guild. The President made one of these cute baskets for each person on her board. Thank you Cindy! She even tried to pick colors we like.

I love this block! I have some Polaroid blocks to go with it that I got in a swap. Now I have to figure out how to put it together.

This has been a fun new Sew Along that I am doing at my own pace. It's paper pieced and fun! Think of all those novelty fabrics there are to use! I think a book quilt would be very fun!

This is my next selection that I am going to try and make tonight.

 Some charity sewing as well. My guild makes Veterans' Quilts and this month our block of the month are these Friendship Stars. Everyone is to bring some in to give to the committee to make into quilts. Such a great idea!
The other is a preemie quilt that they put on the incubators to keep out the bright lights. The goal is to collect 100 by August. My friend Kathy is collecting them for her other guild.

Our family has many babies on the way. This is the second taggy I made and I think they are so cute!

I bought the collection of ribbons at a quilt show. For those that don't know, babies suck and pull on the ribbons.

I helped my friend Terry clean out her sewing room the other day. I REALLY need to work on my own! I dug out this quilt from 1994. The fabrics are nothing like I use now. I am going to have to use a solid to bind it or buy something!

The only reason I am finishing it is that they are are signature blocks from our family.

Some of them are very interesting. Some of the people on the quilt have passed away so I am going to finish it!

I also dug this our from a long ago summer. I don't love it anymore but it is all hand appliqued!

I am thinking of turning it into a baby quilt for a girl. Yes or no?

I am still working on these for a sew along with my guild. I have 26 done, only 26 more to go! I am enjoying the applique. It goes much faster when the blocks are all prepared.

Last summer I started this and lost steam along the way. I have picked it up and will work on it here and there. The blocks are not hard at all. It would be nice to have it finished for this Christmas.

Last but not least I have also been reading. The cover of this one drew me in, it pushes all my buttons. So far it's pretty good too. I am not sure I have read any of her other books but I might have to go check some out at the library. Sitting on the porch, with a good book on a summer evening is a wonderful past time!



  1. You have a lot of nice quilts in progress much stitchy goodness and each unique. Yes, it would be wonderful to have the family one finished, in particular. Happy Stitching!

  2. You have a lot of projects going on. The Dresden Plates would make a lovely baby quilt. You even have time to read a book!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Kelly! You sure do have quite a collection of blocks! It's great that you're motivated to finish some old ones, especially those using fabrics you no long like. Yes, definitely that Dresden-looking one would be perfect for a baby girl. I decided a few years ago that life is too short to work on projects I USED to love, and was able to sell most of my block projects at a quilter's garage sale. I even sold blocks I'd swapped with others. Terrible of me I know, but I feel so much better to not own them any more. No weight of guilt. Even now though, I have a few UFOs. But because they're of my own recent making, that's fine by me. I wish you the best at getting all these done. And might I recommend listening to that book? You can sew while you listen! :-)

  4. Cute little bucket, what a fun gift! I like seeing you sweet blocks and what you are stitching on. The author is one I like and I have that book on my shelf, glad to hear you like it! Happy summer to you too!

  5. I just fallen in love with your Dresden plate quilt, I love the colors and the design. It will be a beautiful quilt for a girl.

  6. So many projects going on. Cute gift from your Guild prez. I find UFOs difficult and after awhile I don't keep them around. The Dresden would be a sweet baby quilt for sure.

  7. yay what a great post. You have so many fun projects on the go. Love the pp book blocks and I think the applique' quilt would be a wonderful baby quilt.
    The taggy quilt is so cute!
    The bucket is great and looks very "kelly" to me.
    Happy Summer Friend! and thanks for another book recommend.

  8. p.s. your signature blocks are so charming and I love Bob's. I treasure my signature quilts, especially those have friends that are no longer with us.

  9. Yes to the Dresdens being a baby girl quilt! Very fun vibe. Signature blocks are too sweet to not finish up. I have a little set myself that needs attention.:)

  10. Yes, to finishing that signature quilt. I made one several years ago (out of Thirties fabrics--talk about not being anything I'd use now!) and I love it, mainly because of the memories of those who have passed away. I love seeing all your projects--so much summer fun!


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