Friday, May 10, 2019

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

Our Penn Oaks Quilt Guild had their quilt show last week. We did not have "regular" judging but went with the viewers at the show deciding on the quilts they liked best. The categories were Best of Show, Best Workmanship, Best Use of Color and Makes Me Smile. I was so honored to receive 2 awards! I do love this quilt and many other people did too. Congratulations also to Robin and Marti for winning as well.

A few members made the ribbons which add another personalized touch. I feel like guilds are doing this more and more.

I am going on a retreat in a week and we decided to have an optional pouch swap. I went to my Lola Pouch standby and it never disappoints!

I don't know who I will swap with, so I went with a more neutral palette so anyone would like it. I had the "Handmade" in my box of stuff and think this works perfectly. You can also see my stitching which I used a #4 on my Bernina to do the quilting. I feel like the longer stitch length works better with the canvas fabric.

If you are afraid of zippers, she has the best method and it works EVERY time as long as you follow the directions. If you look closely at the zipper above, that is not skill, it is good directions. I also added one of my labels that I am almost out of! I think the lining fabric inside is also cute.

I made these mini stars the other day and decided to make them into a pincushion to add to the bag. Some chocolate may find it's way in there too!

I had a sewing session with some friends to make this bag. It was hard and I think I really would have had difficulty if they weren't there to help.

It is very versatile and you can fit a small (Featherweight size) sewing machine in it.

There are lots of pockets to contain your things and I added the acrylic bottom so it doesn't sag. I highly recommend it.

There is even a front pocket that you can slide a phone in for easy access. I am looking forward to using it at the retreat.

If you are following me on Instagram you know I have been doing the Trinket Sew Along by Alison Glass. This has been a fun and easy project. All the blocks are paper pieced and they went fast.
I especially love the colors.

These 4 are my favorite blocks. I gave myself a blue ribbon for finishing them all. I plan on getting this quilted soon, easy straight line quilting.

So the quilt shows have been abundant! Here is some of what I bought.......

I love those bees and birds!

Fabrics that are color staples for me.

The hexagon and bee fabric was a must have. Text fabric is always a must.

Imagine what you can do with these words.......

These have a graffiti feel and will be perfect for something, I just know it!

Some very cool fabric that will be amazing in a yet to be determined quilt. Do you see a pattern on how I buy?

This is going to be for a very special quilt. We are expecting grandchild number nine in August! The parents are not finding out, I love that surprise! So I usually make a before baby is born quilt and an after baby is born quilt that is a bit more personal.
Our family is really expanding. There will be 5 babies born in 10 months! Lots of quilts to make, and I am happy to do it!

Our Calico Cutters Quilt Guild has an annual Tea and Auction. I volunteered to help organize a sewing room or any room of your choosing. My friend Terry had the highest bid and she is all worried about "cleaning" it before I get there......I just thought I would keep it real for her and myself, and you have not seen the other side of the room!
Life has been busy and getting a little out of control. I have been off my normal schedule and need to get back to it!
To all the people who commented and did not receive a response from me, it is because when you do comment I only get your name and no email address. I know that is frustrating and I wish I could respond. Please know I read every response and take everything you all say to heart. It makes me happy that you read my blog and I inspire you to try things. This is a really fun hobby that gives me endless hours of enjoyment and I appreciate you all following along. You can add your email address to the end of your comment if you think this might be you. I will be sure to respond.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. My children are my biggest cheerleaders and I love being their mom (-:



  1. Great post. Happy Mother's Day to you

  2. Your Trinket quilt is beautiful. The grey in between is inspired. But I am really in awe of your ability to make those beautiful bags. So useful and so pretty.

  3. Best of Show - congratulations! I love your cute neutral coloured pouch as well.

  4. Congratulations! You are a Quilt BOS! And brave to organize a fellow sewers space. Love your new fabric, new grandchild quilts are the best motivation.

  5. Looks organized to me. A pile for everything and everything in its pile! LOL
    I do love your cow quilt! Her patterns are amazing.

  6. I Love your quilt! Congratulations!!! It makes me smile, too!

  7. Congratulations on getting two ribbons at the show! Having made a bag last year for my Featherweight and with plans to make another, I'd love to know what was the bag pattern your group used for that project? Your table looks way better than mine at the moment!!

  8. Congratulations on your 2 ribbons !! Your quilt is fun and beautiful !!
    It's well deserved Kelly !
    Your pouches are very cute !! That's a good idea for a swap !
    Happy Mother's Day ! Enjoy it with ALL your family !! :)


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  10. Your Allison Glass quilt is coming along so well! Very bright and sparky. Congrats on your ribbons! Always a feel good moment.:) The text fabric in the background of the cow is one of my fave parts of that particular quilt!

  11. Congratulations! well deserved ribbons and they are wonderfully made. I hope you'll share more photos from the show. Guild shows are my favorite!
    Love your bags. You are quite the master at zippers, so I'll check out the tutorial. Also, do you have a tutorial for facings? The one I used was okay, but not great.
    Organizing is one of my favorite things, I used to help a friend with her studio years ago. Great idea for raffle prize.
    fun fabrics. Especially those words.
    was happy to find a post from you this morning! xo

  12. Congratulations on your awards! It's a great quilt. I sort of wished our Guild did ribbons for our shows. I'm in Japan now, so not in a guild, but small guild shows are so fun. I like seeing "real" sewing room photos! Creativity is messy, and then it's also so satisfying to clean up and get organized!

  13. Gorgeous quilt ~ no wonder it won ribbons. Love your Lola pouch & pincushion, someone is going to be so happy to receive these.

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