Friday, October 5, 2018

The Cow

I love this quilt! I bought the kit, which was the pattern, interfacing and Steam A Seam at the Oaks Quilt Show a few years back. While I was cleaning my sewing room I came across this bundle and when I opened it up I decided right then and there to make it. The fabrics are from my stash, mostly batiks with a few other things thrown in there so it will not be predictable!

The pattern was not hard but if you follow patterns exactly you might have a little trouble. For example my strips are skinnier than the ones in the pattern. I think I ended up using a lot more too.
I was a little worried about making the eyes look right and in the end from far away they look good. This is a quilt that is definitely better viewed from afar.

I was also thinking I had too much pink in the nose but when it was done I think it worked perfectly.

I ended up machine quilting it myself just as pictured in the pattern. The idea was to make sure all pieces of fabrics were stitched down.
This also lets you see I did random widths. It is what I like to do and I think adds interest. I quilted all up and down first and then side to side. Yes it took a long time, 2 days!

I like to find a backing that feels appropriate to the front. The daisies felt right.

So I am pretty sure this is a steer and not a cow. When my husband was a teenager he worked at a place called "The Guernsey Cow" in Exton PA. They served hand dipped ice cream, burgers, fries etc. They shortened it to "The Cow" and the name stuck with many locals. It is no longer there but to many of us it has good memories.
Oh my 2 posts in 1 week.....

Pattern is called "Abilene"
Designer Laura Heine
Fiberworks is the website where you can find this pattern and some others (I love the bee and the santa).
Background Fabric ffrom The Quilt Block in Exton PA
Cow Fabrics miscellaneous batiks, solids and prints



  1. She looks pretty feminine to me, so I vote for cow. I love it.

  2. No bull! It's a cow and a pretty one for sure! I like the story too. The variable widths and choice of color and value are awesome. Great job!! I LOVE cows and now I want to do one. I also noticed the black strips that outlined it... very nice. And the quilting made what looks like a wonderful pattern in the fabric, kind of like grunge. It unifies it. It's just terrific Kelly! LeeAnna

  3. Love the cow! I like your treatment of the varied strip width better than all the same size. Puts a nice “Kelly” touch to the pattern.

  4. Holy cow, this is fabulous! What a fun quilt, and I could spend hours looking at all of the little details and tiny surprises in the fabrics.

  5. Wow! This is great! Love your fabrics for the cow and background! Thanks for the link, I enjoyed looking at her website and videos.

  6. I really do like your cow so very much. I saw a version of this at a quilt show and understood immediately the appeal to this quilt! So much scrappiness appreciation involved in one little quilt!

  7. Moooo love this quilt! I got her elephant pattern and haven't tried to figure it out yet. I just love all the bits and pieces. I hope I can see this quilt in person one day. The quilting is fabulous!
    the backing reminds me of the childrens book Ferdinan - love that!!

  8. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.


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