Monday, November 28, 2016

Wow! The People Have Spoken!!!!

I am shocked! Imagine my surprise when I checked my email and there were like 75 responses (I think there may be even more today) to my question! I think I struck a nerve!
Today's post will be another picture heavy Christmas post as I respond to you all. This is my current quilt that I am trying to get finished this week. I have the perfect spot to hang it. It was originally going to be a bit bigger but for now it is smaller with the idea of making a larger one down the road.

So from what I gather, most of you like the coziness and personal side of a blog. There seems to be a backlash against the other types of social media. Someone asked me is that an age thing? Another good question, maybe I should have a survey? What do you think? Do you want to know? I do!
I added a poll so go ahead and vote! It is in the upper right hand side of the blog.
Above is a pincushion for a friend, isn't it cute? The pattern is in the Quilts and More magazine that is out right now. It's super simple but very charming, in my opinion.....

It also seems like most of you don't like the idea of someone trying to sell you something or all the ads all over the blogs, I find those annoying too.  Those of you that do use Facebook like to keep track of family and friends more than quilting things, though some are in quilt groups that are private.
This is my windowsill above where I write my blog. The trees are from Target a long time ago.

Almost everyone who weighed in on Facebook agreed it has been ugly with a capital U these past few weeks. Many along with me have stopped looking at it, or never look at it.
I love cutting the greens off my evergreens and adding a little sparkle to my kitchen. The beautiful sparkly picks came from Waterloo Gardens, a local placed that closed and I miss it very much. They always had those special items you couldn't find anywhere else.

I do hope some of the blogs I don't see out there anymore come back. I like them as much as you do. Google Reader did make it easier to read them and I just never check Bloglovin.
I love these containers with Kosher salt for snow, easy and cute. A great way to highlight special or antique ornaments.

I promise you I am not going anywhere and will continue to blog. I feel like Sally Fields "they like me, they really like me!"I enjoy it and love feedback from my readers, so be sure to leave me a comment! If you are a no reply commenter I can't email you back just so you know.
I have a lot of Christmas in the kitchen because we spend a lot of time in here! I like to mix the pastels of the 1950's along with the red and green.

If you have not tried Instagram give it a try. It is not hard and it is fun, it's a bit like blogging lite! You can find me at Pinkadotquilts.
I am not sure about this tray arrangement. I want to put some greens on the bottom but it looks a little like the "leftover tray", which it is!

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I read each and every one but could not possibly answer them all. I always value you all your opinions.
One stocking for each of my 4 children along with some snowmen I have collected over the years. They are from MODA a few years back.

You all have inspired me all over again to blog more often and look for some interesting things to show you. I am going to try and do some more tutorials, everyone seems to like those! I hope you have enjoyed this tour and I will be back!
This is one of my all time favorite quilts. To me red and green is not just for Christmas but all year long.
Okay back to work, so I have something to blog about!



  1. I love seeing all of your decorations. I don't decorate much as I don't have a good way to store things that I have to rotate seasonally. So I live vicariously through blogs like yours. I ADORE the last photo, THAT QUILT is incredibly scrumptious.

    On a side note, wasn't it Sally Fields that said, "they like me, they really like me?" Doesn't matter, I'm just checking myself for more signs of OLDTIMER'S sneaking up on me.

    1. Thank you Dolly! I went and changed that to Sally Fields, you are keeping me honest!

  2. Love that last quilt! And your tree one is very sweet too!

  3. I never did get a chance to comment on your last post, but I am so glad that you still blog! Yours is one of my long list of favorites--so bright and cheery. I much prefer the blogging format for getting to know the quilting community, but can see the charm of Instagram for those that have such busy lives. I know I've been slacking on my blog lately and having almost zero time for commenting on others {even though I do cruise through and try to catch up often!} Will try to do better as I don't want blogging to go away. Love seeing your Green and Red Star quilt once again. It's just an incredible quilt and so inspiring!

  4. I use my blog to read other blogs. I rarely blog, anymore. I do read FB; but I have a very restricted group of "friends." My Instagram list is also very small. Keep blogging, yours is awesome.

  5. Kelly tu edredón es muy bonito
    me encantan los muñecos de nieve

  6. Thanks for the Christmas decorating inspiration! I have gotten very Bah-humbug about decorating, but your little table-top displays are getting me in the mood. Off to find a large container, some Kosher salt and some festive display pieces!

  7. I didn't comment on the previous post because I saw it had so many replies already, and the tide was moving in my direction, lol. Instagram is great for a fast twitter-like experience with pics, but you can't be well-rounded there like a blog post can be. A blog post doesn't have to be more than a snipped, but it CAN be. Also, Instagram is no longer a chronological feed but feeds what its algorithm thinks you like - blech - so posts get missed. I use Feedreader Online which I like better than Bloglovin because I can get post titles only without pics, thus moving faster through them. Just waxing social here; no reply necessary.

  8. Beautiful ornaments. I don't do FB for many reasons, none of which are age related. Being on each format of social media dilutes your time, so I limit it. I also do not answer my phone just because it rings. Guess social media is just another hobby.

    1. oh and I don't think I've ever gotten 75 replies so good on you!

  9. Love your decorations. I admit that I browse my favorite blogs by going to one ( same one every time) and using her blog roll to peruse my favs. I'm lazy and I hate typing in the browser bar, retyping, etc.
    Perhaps it's because I'm on a tablet and not sitting at my desktop anymore? I also like Instagram. It's easy, apps in the phone and click a photo and go. Nice to see the bits of what's going on with who I am following during the day.
    Still I have a routine every morning and it involves blogs.
    Thanks for your posting. Gives me something to start the day right.

  10. Love seeing your lone star again. Such a cool fox pin cushion. I want to do some of that type of appliqué. Bright green plant in one pic is so you. So you deserted Bloglovin' for Google Reader? Need to check out, I guess.

  11. I finally got around to getting on Facebook this year. It only lasted about 6 months and I decided that it wasn't for me. It didn't help that it was also during our election and I learned how mean others can be.

  12. I joined FB in the past year to keep up with extended family and to check out birding & quilt related pages. What an eye opener! The nasty posts and hateful comments are disgusting, inappropriate and unkind. I guess that's why I love blogs. I follow those who inpire me through their creativity, humor, and kindness. So glad you will continue blogging. BTW: I LOVE your beautiful red & green quilt!!!! Blessings & Peace!

  13. Love your Christmas trees quilt and the fact they aren't all the same size. I'm hoping to make a version of it, found some cute fabric at a sale a couple of weeks ago and have some others to throw into the mix.

    Love all your displays you've already done, I always wait until after Dec. 1 until putting things up. One thing that I would do with the tray is add a white placemat to look like snow, although green would also be nice, my mom used to use the risks of cotton that you would pull and use for makeup rival and tuck bits of it around a display, I don't even know if you can get it anymore. I figure a piece of white quilting cotton cut to fit would look good also.

    The Facebook friends I have are mainly quilt related and do belong to a couple of wool groups that share patterns and freebies, but blogging is my first choice alway. Thanks for staying around,

  14. I've only started using IG in recent months and love it. I don't know why it took me so long to try it out. In a way it's lucky I didn't join in earlier because I think I would have stopped blogging. And I must admit it's crossing my mind to let my blog go. It does take time to write posts and most of the people who visit my blog are on instagram anyway.
    It's fun seeing all your photos. Your Lone Star is one of my favourite lone stars ever. It's perfect for Christmas.

  15. I am glad you decided to continue your blog! I so love the little fox ornament you made, thanks for letting me know where you got the pattern I am going to make it into a pincushion for my daughter.

  16. Wonderful photos and decorations of the holiday season.

  17. Kelly, I enjoy your blog and I am glad you are able to continue. It takes time to write a post and add pics and that can distract us from our sewing time. I always like your choice of fabrics and I agree with a previous comment that your blog is bright and cheery. I have yet to try Instagram.

  18. I still love blogs, even though I'm guilty of not posting very often lately. I'm on FB, but am re-thinking that. I hate all the meanness, the totally stupid posts about nonsense, etc. I'm on IG too. But it doesn't mean I'll be giving up my blog or giving up reading blogs.

    I love that, on blogs, you get the story behind the quilt or project, the little chatty things, the inspirational decorating (like this post of yours!), that sort of thing. I feel a little guilty that I don't post more often, and keep meaning to do better, but it does seem to take a lot of time. And I'm feeling very over-committed with two quilt guilds that I have commitments with and 3 people at home. Life is busier than it was when I started blogging. But I'm not giving up! And I'm glad you're not either. I love your blog!

  19. Hi Kelly, I saw how many responses there were on your last post that I thought I would wait to comment. I was so turned off to FB after the election that I'm not sure I will so back any time soon. I found it annoying and depressing. I Love your blog and always look forward to reading it. It's colorful and cheerful. Keep up the great work. I know I'm bias but you are the best!!!!
    I love both of those quilts. Just beautiful. You motivate me.

  20. Thanks for sharing your decorations. I don't look a facebook much anymore. If I do visit it is to catch up on family. I miss reading blogs and also writing mine. I am trying to do both a little more now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. What a beautiful post! You are just a little sneaky, with your poll you are learning the ages of your readers! I want to have you decorate my home for Christmas! Yours is gorgeous! I'm not far, only in California! ;-)


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