Monday, November 7, 2016

Oh My Gosh!

This mess is making me crazy. I have realized that I really do like clean surfaces. The question is keep the bundles together or split them up? What do you do?

I also have a baby quilt to make for my daughter's long time friend. They have known each other for 27 years. I am excited they are having babies at the same time. Both are not finding out if it's a boy or a girl!

I have made a dent in these HST but am realizing there are many more to make if this is going on a bed! It is a nice long term, no thinking kind of project.

My design wall is mostly cleaned off. The promise of a new day, a new project or maybe even finishing a UFO.
Please don't forget that I am having a giveaway on my last blog post. Remember there are also a few surprises! I will be pulling the name on Wednesday. It has been fun reading through the comments and I agree with all of them!



  1. I usually keep bundles together - they look so pretty! BUT, I am more likely to use them if I separate them. I'm not really a matchy matchy quilter, so even if I use a bunch of fabrics from a single line I also like to mix in new friends. Adds to the interest, in my eyes at least. You have a lot of pretty things there, looks like fun!

  2. I keep bundles together but will pull apart if a fabric (or more) is needed elsewhere. I have been thinking of making something with bare tree concept. You're design wall is reminding me of that. Also I love the red/orange organic solid section. I need to get back to free form piecing. I've been stuck on simple exact piecing lately.

  3. Oops. Saw my autocorrected "you're" for 'your' as it posted. My goal (not working well, obviously) is to proof read before I hit send!

  4. In general I like, try, attempt, endeavor, to put yardage fabric away by color. FG are to big for a scrap and not enough for yardage. Fat Quarter's in my mind do no count as yardage so I got no help for you there

  5. I've kept them together, and pulled them apart. I think keeping them together is better but storing them is harder. Ah well, the sewing space is always a mess anyway. Thanks for doing a giveaway the day after the election... gives us something to live for.

  6. The panel for the baby quilt looks lovely. And that is one huge pile of HSTs!
    I tend to keep my bundles together. When I buy them I usually have the idea of using a lot of the fabrics in the one project so it makes sense to keep them together.

  7. I keep bundles together but then after a while I realise I wont use them in a bundle and so I separate them into colours which is how I keep my stash. Your baby quilt is going to be so pretty.

  8. what great loot! wee! I keep bundles together for a bit then break them up and file them by color.
    The baby quilt panel is adorable. perfect for any baby.
    Looking forward to seeing your sewing room - don't clean it up for me!!

  9. You asked a most difficult question! Though I seldom buy bundled fabrics, I do buy 1/2-yard pieces of collections. Generally, I work them into my stash according to color. Except for Blueberry Park. That bundle of 30-some prints have stayed together. I like your happy mess, by the way.


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