Friday, September 23, 2016


Today my oldest son, Rob ( we call him Johnson) turns 40! In this picture he was 7. He is such a wonderful son and we are very proud of him, happy birthday!

Here he is now, a bit bigger and a lot stronger!

I finished this up today, it's been languishing in my sewing room for a while now. It's amazing how quickly something can come together when you put your mind to it!

Once again I did some straight line quilting only this time I did not make them straight and they are  more organic. Doesn't it feel like you can use that word for just about anything and it sounds so hip???

I faced the back instead of using a regular binding which I feel is more appropriate for a wallhanging like this one. I like the clean line on the front not interrupted by a binding.

It's that time again! I love fall and feel I have been cheated out of September, it's almost over. Oh no!!!!

We finished up the last season of Outlander last night . Oh my gosh this series has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a series to watch.
My Netflix recommendations are Stranger Things, think Stand By Me meets Stephen King. The other one we are watching now is Bloodline, it's very good with lots of twists and turns. The ultimate dysfunctional family in a beautiful Florida setting.
How about you? Any recommendations? I am always on the look out.



  1. Wonderful looking quilt! I love the saturated colors and the quilting is perfect. That organic straight line stuff is really perfect for certain styles!

  2. Your walling turned out great. the quilting and facing are perfect. I like the back combo too.
    Wee - autumn - hooray. nice pumpkin display.
    We are watching garbage: 60 days in. It is a reality show about ordinary people going to prison. As I say, garbage, but we got hooked.
    We loved stranger things. we also like orphan black.

  3. ha ha I just notice i combined wall and hanging - doh! ;)

  4. Our kids might get older, but we stay the same, right? The straight line quilting really made your latest piece.

  5. Happy birthday to Rob! Your quilt is gorgeous! Would you please explain what you mean by putting facing on the back? I really do no understand, thank you!

  6. Kelly Felicidades por tu guapo hijo !!
    tus trabajos son siempre muy bonitos
    gracias por visitar mi blog

  7. What a beautiful boy, I know when my sons are 40 they will still be my 'boys'. I love the wall hanging and would be interested to learn how to do a facing. I've never tried one and I'm having a hard time imagining how that works. I'm sure I could google it on youtube.
    As for series, have you watch The Tudors? I loved that one. I haven't seen the one about the Midwives but I've heard great things about it. Outlander is my favorite by a long shot though. It really is wonderful isn't it?


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