Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Baby Twister

Baby Twister 30" x 35"

You know it's been a while since I blogged when I had to go back and see what I posted because I couldn't remember!
At the end of last year Audrey of Quilty Folk had a quilt along where every day you made a circle block based on how your mood was that day. It's called Quilty 365, yes you are supposed to make one every day for a year. Mine is significantly smaller but I love it! I didn't exactly follow the rules but I don't think that really matters....
My husband Bob has named this quilt "Baby Twister".

There are a couple of blocks I really like and have been hoarding for just the right project.

Some vintage fabrics.

As you can see I did a grid quilting on this and love how it turned out. Next time I want to do it but have the lines at different widths. This quilting, it's 1/2" spaced apart.

I turned the edges under and appliqued them down by machine then cut out the background (behind the applique) to reduce bulk. I did not use any fusible.

Some of the fabrics are very light and fade out, I love that look!

Some are pieced and this one happens to be vintage fabrics as well.

I picked this out of my stash for the backing and love how the grid shows up.

This is a block I did for the Lancaster MQG, we are doing a round robin improv style. I used solids and some of my hand dyes for interest.

I accidentally sewed the blue triangle unit down instead of up. To keep it real I didn't change it!

I have had basket quilts on my mind and drafted this block. Even though it is a traditional block I will do it in modern colors, stay tuned!



  1. Love your little circles quilt! The fabrics are fantastic. Looking forward to you basket block adventure!

  2. Bob is the best Quilt Namer! Can't you just see pudgy baby butts playing Twister! I love the quilt-- Essential Kelly. Love the improv quilt, too. I wasn't going to do it but now I'm inspired.

  3. wee - breaking the rules is what making it yours is all about - hooray! I love how your vintage version turned out. So, how did you roll the edges for MA? fun eye spy and Bob gave it a great title.
    great traditional basket block - have fun!

  4. p.s. great modern solid piece and I also like the red Cross block :)

  5. Love your circle quilt, especially how you personalized it and used vintage fabrics. The backing is perfect for it too. I've always loved basket quilts. I made a cherry basket quilt for someone else years ago and need to get started on mine. Can't wait to see yours develop.

  6. I always know I'll like your fabrics. The baby fabs are adorable. I think the blue triangle makes the whole piece, it's more interesting for the diversion. There's some lesson there...

  7. This post is glorious. Lots of eye candy, and your interpretation of Quilty Folks 365 day project is stunning! So question for you, from what line is the "See the Good" fabric?

  8. I love that Baby Twister quilt. All the great fabrics. The grid quilting, the backing...all so fun. I can get the hand of improv piecing. I end up with really odd shapes. Maybe I need to keep trying.

  9. I love your Baby twister for it's wonderful mix of fabrics, the different shaped circles and the grid quilting. Youre off to a great start with your improv block. You'll do a wonderful bright basket quilt!!

  10. Hi, I love, really love your circles!!! And the grid quilting too. I have put this on my list to make one day.
    The solids quilt is great too.


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