Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Sewing

Maddy's quilt is finished, with a little help from mom mom. I am so excited to give it to her so she can hang it in her new bedroom. I see more quilts in her future.

I sewed this whole quilt up today and just have to sew down the binding which is glue basted right now. It is for a baby girl that was born last month. I think it is fun that the trend seems to be moving towards couples not finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl. I never had the option and am not sure what I would do, we will NEVER know!

I think this fabric is so sweet.

I started sewing these strips together to see how they were going to look. Little did I know I have to sew them in the same sequence or they don't match. Seven pairs of strips had to be "unsewn". Good thing I checked! I am hoping to make this a big quilt and so far I love it.

I am itchy to work with some solids. We have a Round Robin improv challenge for the Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild next month. I am trying to decide to use these or my hand dyes. So many good decisions to have to make!



  1. Kelly!!
    bonitos y veraniegos trabajos,
    buen fin de semana

  2. Congratulations again to Maddy for her quilt !
    Solids are very pleasant to work and like you, I love to play with them !
    Enjoy Kelly !

  3. Love your sweet quilts. The more fabric choices the better.

  4. I don't get it on the checkerboard of how it wasn't right? I'm sure I'll get it as you progress. I love it . lots of sewing.
    Maddys quilt turned out so so great! Solids are a good choice for success.
    Cute baby girl quilt. I knew what my babies were going to be, but I bet it is fun to be surprised.

  5. Maddy really has the quilting gene. Her quilt is wonderful!! Your pretty pink baby quilt is so sweet with that fun fabric combo. Fingers crossed you don't have to unsew any more rows. I can see why you want to play with that stack of solids!

  6. Maddy's quilt is wonderful and the quilting you added completes the modern look. Your other projects are playful too, but Maddy's is the star. :0)

  7. I was thinking of you and Maddy this week. There was a 12 year girl in my class with Sujata Shah in Sisters and she has been taking classes and making quilts since she was 8. She was really spunky and fun. She watches quilt videos on YouTube and sews with her mom, grandma, and sister. A new generation!

  8. Maddy's quilt is so bright and fun! She will love having it in her room. Hopefully there will be many more in her future. The baby quilt is so soft and sweet looking! I did not know the gender of my kids until they were born. I had an amnio with the second but chose not to know.
    Love the colors in your strips quilt, it looks so vibrant and fun. Hopefully no more unstitching on it. :)

  9. Maddy's quilt is gorgeous. What a sense of colour she has! Future designer of some sort?


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