Friday, July 15, 2016


Today's post has lots of color. Aren't these pretty? The red echinacea is called Salsa. I bought it last year and it is loving where it is planted in the garden. It is rounded out with some yellow green coleus and almost gone yellow yarrow. Our neighbors are bee keepers and every day the bees come over to "taste" my garden and these are one of their favorites. It is fun to see when they have gathered up as much as they can hold they take off and go home, directly across the street. You can actually watch them go there.
They have kept me from trimming the flowers off the hostas (I don't care for them) because they are a favorite place too.

I need to make a decision and I am stuck. I want to make a flying geese border for a quilt and can't decide between the gray geese

or the tan. It is holding me back from completing it. I just may let it simmer overnight.

I have a much loved quilt to repair. I made this for my son, Colin when he went to college. It was a Thimbleberries pattern, the name of which I can't remember and all flannel. I just realized he is going to be 35 so it's like 17 years old! His wife Jenny snuggled under it while she was pregnant, their sons Jaxon and Cameron play on it and it was dadas quilt back in the day, a real family quilt! Jenny wants me to repair it and of course I will. I don't have any of these fabrics to match but I think an "intentional" repair might be better, to know how much it was loved.



  1. Love those flowers! I want to get some for my garden. I think a heart shaped patch with some blanket stitching would be perfect for the quilt. I love it when my quilts get 'loved to pieces!'

  2. I NEED those Salsa flowers. It is hard to know about border without seeing the quilt. But right now the tan appeals to me.

  3. i love red with limey green almost as much as hot pink.
    I like both geese, but I'm drawn to the tan. Hard to say not seeing the quilt itself.

  4. Ok I know this wasn't a choice, but to me, the bright colors pop out way more than the tan or the gray - I vote for colorful geese with tan sky. But of course don't know what the quilt looks like. I had to repair my daughter's baby quilt, she loved it so much she wore it out! It would have been simpler to make a new one but she insisted. Have fun with the repair, nothing like holding an old quilt full of so many memories and stitched with love.

  5. It would have to be intentional as it crosses sewing lines and that would be cute... maybe something one of them likes. Great to know you made something they all cherish and use!
    Gray or tan... does one color look better against the quilt center? LeeAnna

  6. I don't know why, but the prints seem to pop more on the tan geese. They aren't the exact fabrics, but I have some Thimbleberries flannel scraps from "back in the day". Shoot me an email if you would like them for your patch!

  7. My choice goes to the tan !
    Very pretty flowers !

  8. I love echinacea but have never seen the red salsa. Awesome. It makes you feel good that a quilt has been loved to pieces or at least a few minor repair places.


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