Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snowy Sew Day

Last October I was in a 9 patch swap that Barb of Fun With Barb hosted. I have  200 - 3 1/2" nine patches. I have been letting them sit until an idea of how to put them together comes to me.
I took them with me to our retreat 2 weeks ago and started sewing them together. I should have brought my sketch so I would remember how I was setting them. I sewed them all wrong and was not unsewing them.

So now I am putting them together totally different than the original plan. I even made 52 more so it would be a good size. It will measure up at 63" x 72" a perfect size to use for a nap!

The more I looked at the "new" design on my design board, the more I liked the simplicity of it.

These are all I have left to sew together into a 9" block. I will finish them up tonight, because....

it is snowing.....Right now we have a little over 8" and it hasn't stopped yet. My husband just left for the night to go out and plow so I will have the whole evening to myself.

What is it about a snowy day that makes you want to drink hot tea and eat 50 cookies? I love the name of this one.

I will finish this tonight. Not my usual genre but I did like it. Did you read it?



  1. I'm still reading, and I am enjoying the book! I think I've been too tired while reading because one of the characters is gone and I missed what happened. I do hope that I'm able to figure it out before the end. LOL
    I love yoru nine patches and they a nice and colorful against that very snowy backdrop. Our snow is all gone, it's turned to rain, but will probably freeze again. Brrr!
    Stay warm, and have a cup of tea and a few cookies for me. :)

  2. I really like the simple layout for your 9patches, I love the way you casually say you made another 52!! Thank goodness Barbs method is quick and easy. The snow looks so pretty, perfect for sipping cups of tea and reading a good book.

  3. I am not sure what the original plan was, but what you are doing is lovely. You can't go wrong with all those cute fabrics.
    Is there a way to make Spring show up? A dance. A ceremony? I will do it. LOL

  4. Super fun colors for a another snowy day.

  5. Those 9 patch blocks are so sweet!

  6. I also like the the simple design. It is very calming as I am sure the tea is (fun one). As for the book-I had it in my hand the other day. It was good to hear you liked it. May just give it a shot!

  7. Love the mini 9-patch blocks in the bright cherry fabrics with the low volume polkadot fabric.

  8. I have added the book on my library reserve list....looking forward to reading it...and sipping a cup of the name...I wonder if the teaHaus carries it...I shouldn't shop there because there are so many varieties to try...
    The "dotty" fabric appeals to me..solids make things a little more stark and little dots are more gentle. I'll be on the lookout at sales for it... We still have a metre of snow on our deck...since let up in the temperature. This morning it is still -20*C, Brr, a good time to sit and have breakfast in front of the fire and then week we have the promise of warmer temperatures and the maple sap will run! spring????

    1. I could not answer you because you are a no-reply commenter, so I hope you read this here. I bought the tea at our local Farmer's Market so I am not sure if it is available nationwide.
      Maple syrup sounds good about now!

  9. A 3 1/2" nine patch is a total labor of love for sewing..... It's coming together beautifully and it's going to be sew big ! I really like it Kelly !

  10. I love needleturn applique and hand sewing, but lately I've got the bug to do some machine piecing again. I love the look of your nine patch blocks and, of course, you can't go wrong with spotty fabric. Liking it so much I am considering doing one for myself.

  11. This is exactly why quilters get along so well. Absolutely the right project for snow sewing, love your blocks. And I did the same, sew, read a book, listened to a book, drank tea and ate 50 cookies. And had a glass of red wine with a fire in the fireplace.

  12. Tiny 9-patch blocks in a simple setting equal fabulous!! Has your snow started melting yet?

  13. i LOVE your nine patches and agree - simple is good!
    I loved that book. I think it was 'book of the year' on some lists.
    glad you are finally feeling better!!

  14. I am back on the wait list 58th of 58 for All the Light.


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