Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gloomy Saturday

So this is the first block in the MODA Modern Building Blocks. It's huge! 36 x 36. I can't say I am in love with it but I will wait to see how it looks with the other blocks.

For most of the summer my front yard has looked like this.....pretty bad.

It's a swale that goes around the house to keep water from going into your basement. Depending on your yard, most people need this (and don't know it) and that is why they get water in the basement.

The big truck pulled up bright and early on Friday morning.

My husband and nephew, Macen spent the morning "carpeting" the hill. Instant gratification!

It looks so much better, but now the battle is keeping it watered so it doesn't die. Thank goodness it is overcast today with rain predicted for the next 2 days. I think we are the only ones hoping for that!
The dirt in front will be  new landscaping. I also want to replace the walkway and reconfigure it. So I guess we are putting the "labor" into Labor Day!

While they were laying sod, I was making pasta sauce with basil from my garden.....

and picking flowers. I love the combination of red and yellow!
Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Delicious Post! We did some laboring around here today too - your new grass/carpet looks fresh and nice.
    Wow that sauce looks yummy
    red & yellow - catch a fellow :)
    I love the combo too - like ketchup and mustard

  2. oh, sorry - nice block!!. I've made quilts by super sizing one block for babies. Its the perfect size for play pen, car, stroller, etc..

  3. Nice for you to be getting a new yard and landscaping, but hiring it done FOR you is a much easier job! I hope you get the rain you need to keep the sod growing. Your pasta sauce looks good! I bet it tastes even better.

  4. Love your block. That is big. I look forward to seeing more. Ahh, new carpet! That is just the best. Fingers crossed for rain.

  5. I like your block, wow! What did you think of the instructions? love red and yellow together! fresh flowers are just wonderful to have in the house, its nice you have a garden to just go pick them from.
    sauce looks great, never thought to put carrots in mine. will have to try that. The new grass looks great. can't wait to see your new walkway…..never ending yard work is it?

  6. I love your big block, it really makes a statement and your piecing is perfect!! How fun to see your hill get carpeted, it makes such a difference to see all the green. Your pasta sauce looks delicious, basil from the garden is the best. Wonderful flowers, picked from your garden too.

  7. It is interesting that without any visual reference to scale, I'm imaging that block is about 12". Do you always put un cut carrots, garlic & basil in your sauce? Do you chop, strain or mash later?

  8. I really like your large block! Maybe in the yellow & red-next time? As for the rain, I think the "GRASS GODS" are going to be with you today. Sauce looks yummy.

  9. Well the sod really makes it look pretty. No laboring here this week end (for me). The hubby is busy doing his chores and mine. Honestly I would so rather be mobile and doing my own stuff.
    I love that big block. You chose really pretty colors.

  10. That is definitely the best way to grow a lawn!

  11. You sure have been laboring. Laying sod is HARD work. Been there done that! Your flowers are gorgeous. And your sauce looks delicious!

  12. Ooh, I like your block! You have been working hard - looks really good. Love the flowers.


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