Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taming The Scrap Basket

We all probably have some of this, a large pile of scraps. While I love these, it is an inspiration kill when you want to dive in and use them only to see they have to be ironed. It also not fun to have no idea what sizes you have, especially when you want a certain sized piece.

So yesterday afternoon I dumped out the pile and started ironing.

I piled them up into sizes..... strips, big chunks and smalls. The Halloween fabric went into my Halloween stash.

Next I started cutting them into usable size pieces. Next will be how to store them, by color? by size and color? Let me know if you do this and how you decide.

This is all that is left! Pretty amazing. I started with the orange because it was my smallest pile of scraps. I needed an instant sense of accomplishment to get through the rest, especially my blues! I feel like this will make me more productive.

Here are all the orange scraps completely cut up.

It's hard to tell from this picture but they are in the basket that is usually overflowing.

Now on to the pinks...

I wanted to show you this tree block that a fellow quilter, Debby sent to me. I love the polka dot background that really feels like snow! If you ever make anything you see here, send it to me and I will post it.


Kevin and Bob

Just because we love to see how things are created, I thought I would show you a kitchen in progress. My husband is renovating his brother Jimmy's kitchen. His wife is Denise, my trainer so I get to see it twice a week. I will show you updates as it goes along.

Today is another freezing cold day here so I believe lots of fabric will get cut up!



  1. That's what I plan to do tomorrow, take care of my scraps!!! Love all those oranges you have there. Kevin and Bob look hard at work. That's a big kitchen. Is Denise getting an island in there too? Lucky her!

  2. Would you share what sizes you decided to cut your scraps into? I always have good intentions, but haven't decided what would really be the most efficient sizes, other than 5" and 2.5" squares and maybe 2.5" strips.

  3. I organized my scraps by size before we moved. Since then I cut a ton for a leader and ender project. But I still have a ton piling up.How do you decide what sizes to cut? I do strips, it is the squares that I am not sure what to do with, or what size to cut.

  4. Good on you for being so organised. I like the way your scraps are colour coordinated. The guys are doing a great job of the kitchen, I bet it will look amazing when it's done.

  5. All that ironing had to help keep you warm from the latest deep freeze. Your organized fabrics look inspiring. I don't have a plan for my fabric. There's a 12 inch cubic storage bin with scraps STUFFED to the brim. When they get let loose they equal about 3 cubic feet. ;0 Other half yard or fat quarters that I have cut bites out of stay as one piece folded in a cupboard. Someday maybe I'll go willy nilly and just cut strips. I did take some of the fabric and started making pillowcase kits after your previous post.

  6. I've been doing the same thing, in between projects. I don't like having an abundance of scraps and are preparing some small side projects to use them up. The kitchen looks wonderful so far!

  7. I use one of those large trash cans on wheels for my "scraps" . I have never emptied it but have managed to know the scrap level down a couple of times. The closest it ever comes to being organized is when I separate the colors into bags. Bags of blue...bags of greens ...ect.
    My problem is when I do that I get an idea and off I go using scraps and making more. Right now I want to play with your orange goodies!

  8. Bonnie Hunter at talks about her scrap system and offers a rationale for the sizes she cuts. She sorts by size because when she is making a quilt, usually scrappy, she needs a particular size more than a specific color. So only one bin to go thru to find useful pieces. I do a more limited version of her system, ie I don't cut quite as many different sizes as she does.

  9. Did you use a scrap system? How did you decide what sizes to cut? Totally inspiring post... Thank you!

  10. So organised with your scraps!!
    Stay warm.

  11. You are so organized! It would be hard to spend all that time and not want to dive in though.:)

  12. Nice to read your lovely chatty blog for the 1st time! I'm a bit scared to amalgamate my scrap bags into one basketful!

  13. my scraps are in 3 bins all mixed up - makes me feel ashamed compared to your new organization! good for you.
    great tree block - looks like the snow on a Peanuts cartoon so cute.
    I loved seeing the kitchen project. I've done word working and I always think of it as quilting with wood....measure, measure, measure then cut and piece.

  14. I'm surprised you have any pink scraps left. I thought you sent them all to me. Lol
    I just made two improv blocks with those pink scraps. I'm doing the Rainbow Scrap challenge again this year and February's color is pink!


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