Friday, January 31, 2014


My scrap organization has taken on a life of it's own! I am almost finished with my pinks. There were these little bits that were really too small to save but I just couldn't throw them out. So I started to sew them together.

It was a nice break from standing and cutting. I like the bird heads, marching along. This will be an ongoing project.

I did some experimenting and was not thrilled with the results. I just don't like the colors I selected. What I did do was to free hand cut the angles and then mix them up and sew them back together. I will try again.

I have been torn between reading and sewing. This book is so good! Camperdown is the last name of the main characters. I like finding a new author, now there is another book of her's to try, called Apologize Apologize.

In my quest to change my eating habits I tried these. Yes they are good but too expensive. Does anyone know of a good recipe to make them yourself? I tried to make them once before and they were not good. Could they have any more labels on this?

Kitchen update. The cabinets are in and the hardware is installed.

This is on the other side of the kitchen, the great room. My son, Johnson and his helper are preparing the fireplace for some stone.

It's getting there.



  1. Wow! They are moving right along on the kitchen! Mine needs an update sooo badly, but I figure I have another 10 yrs. or so before we'll even attempt that.:) Your strings are lovely, so bright and fun. Much prettier than mine!

  2. Wow what a great kitchen you are going to have and what a handy son.

  3. Such pretty strings!! I like your free cutting angle blocks, I thought the colours were really fresh and different. I've never tried crunchy kale, let us know if you find a good recipe. The guys are making great progress with the kitchen.

  4. Great idea for making all those scraps useful.
    Thanks for the book tip.

  5. So much is happenin' in your corner of the world! Your strings -those pinks -are going together beautifully, like it was planned. I'm presuming you'll do the same with other colored scraps, and then put the blocks together. It will be smashing! Thanks for the book suggestions. I always have an eye out for new, good authors. And, I didn't know you were getting a kitchen makeover. Or is this a new house you're moving into? In either case, a new, modern kitchen can't be beat for making anyone happy. You have some good times ahead!

  6. I love your color strip piece! It reminds me of the mile a minute quilt - really fun and will make a fun quilt!
    That kitchen looks great, love those white cabinets. How wonderful to have a fireplace at the other end.
    thanks for the book recommend, I love to find new authors too!

  7. Your little strips look so cute all sewn together and you will be able to use the made fabric for something cool. I like your experiment...the colors look good to me.
    Your SIl's kitchen is looking beautiful. That is a wonderful space with the fireplace in great room all together. It really is moving along.
    They are doing such a great job!
    Happy scrap cutting

  8. Your pink string fabric is a super solution to use up the bits.

  9. Love your strings. Can't wait to see what you turn them into. Wish I had time to stitch instead of reading. Our book club always chooses a new author. Last month was "We Need New Names." Next month is "Man Alive." Both were definitely different than anything I have read before.

  10. You're going to feel like you're living in a new house! The strings are great, pink and orange are kind of speaking to me lately.

  11. I'm so behind on my blog reading that, like Linda, I didn't realize that you were remodeling your kitchen. How fun!! And I always like your projects...yummy colors!


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