Monday, January 20, 2014

Random Monday Musings

I have been doing a little of this and a little of that......our Getaway in February will be here before you know it, a month from today! I need to have lots of things ready as I am not good at figuring things out in the chaos that is a lot of fun.
These are cut out for the Dylan quilt, this is a good quilt to work on while talking, eating, and shopping.

I have the red and white quilt almost all cut out, again a good one to just sit and sew without a lot of thinking to do.

This is what the block looks like. I am enjoying conquering my fear of curves!

I am working on some hand applique block for the class I might teach. The polka dot is not the background...

I am also cleaning out kitchen cabinets. My goal is 2 a day. It makes it much less daunting! Don't you love my colorful Pyrex?

I have found a new quilting blogger friend, Amy from Amy Made That. She is having a Skinny Pincushion Swap.
If you have never done a swap this is the perfect one to get your feet wet.

It is simple and easy, the directions to make one and to participate are on her blog. I don't think you even have to have a blog. So go check it out and give it a try (Lynne and Elaine you know you want to do this.....).
How cute is it and what a perfect pincushion to use at your machine. I am anxious to see what my partner likes and get creative.

Ok now for a total I deadlifted 5,003 lbs! Now not all at once.... My highest weight was 135lbs. It really does make me feel good. My trainer who weighs about 125lbs can deadlift 225lbs! I have a ways to go.....



  1. You've picked some great projects for your February getaway. I like the way your red and white pieces are in a red basket - vey coordinated. Your Pyrex collection is very cool!! It'll be fun seeing those pin cushions popping up all over blogland, what a fun swap ! You are a wonder woman for lifting so much, well done!!

  2. What a fun post, Kelly.... I feel like we just had a chat on the phone!

  3. It's great to get organized before life gets crazy. Love your pyrex--I am jealous!

  4. I love your red links and am blown away by your weight lifting!

  5. love the pyrex bowls -- I have some of those myself, found at thrift shops and craft sales, and I love that aqua Singer! good for you on the weight lifting -- I can leg press 400 lbs! I haven't ever done dead lifts -- is that from the floor to over your head?

  6. WOW! A weight lifter too? I can do 5# all at once. ;) Just kidding, I am so out of shape I probably can't do that much. Love all the yummy fabrics you are getting together to take with you to sew, sew, sew. The pyrex is so cute! Love all the colors.

  7. What a fun post! I do love that pyrex you have!!
    I am in the Skinny Pinny Swap, too!! It's going to be fun to see the sneak peeks of what everyone is working on!
    I have not tried curves yet... good for you!!

  8. Oh how I LOVE your Pyrex collection!!! And Holy Cow, am I ever impressed with your lifting - you go girl!!!!
    I'm so excited, I just signed up for the Skinny Pincushion Swap - my very first swap!!!! I love how they snuggle right
    up against the front of your machine - so perfect. Thanks Kelly!

  9. fun projects for the getaway! the red and white is really cool. Those greens are great, can't wait to see more of Dylans quilt.
    Can't wait to see the pincushion you make for the swap.
    and yes - I do LOVE your pyrex collection.
    way to go on the weight lifting - amazing!

  10. I do love your Pyrex!! It looks so pretty in your cupboard. And your weight!!!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing about the Skinny Pincushion swap. While it looks like fun, I also think these would make great gifts for friends. I've already got several ideas in mind for some I'd like to make. After reading the PDF instructions, I think I'll fill mine with chopped walnut shells. Seems those would be a little heavier, so the pincushion doesn't get pushed around too easily. In any case, it's a great idea. Love the look of your Pyrex collection too. You share the neatest stuff! Thanks!


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