Thursday, January 16, 2014

Miscellaneous Thursday

The week has slipped by me with little accomplished in the way of sewing. This block is from the book "The Best Ever Applique Sampler" from Piece O"Cake designs. It is a block showing machine applique using the buttonhole stitch and or straight stitch. Our LQS, The Quilt Block would like me to teach this along with a hand applique class this spring.

I did finish my tree quilt. It does look much better in person, the colors look a little washed out.

Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail (love those!). My friend Barb sent this to me. We are both Downton Abbey fans. What did you think about last week's episode? I won't spoil it, but I did not see that coming! So now the burning question, tea or sherry? biscuits, cookies or crackers? I will have to come up with something very proper to place on my special mat when I watch the show.

Barb also sent me this cool fabric with an owl on it, see it at the top? I will have to think of something special to make with it.

How about this awesome card too! I love the simplicity of this and am always on the look out for unique cards.
I am hoping to get back to some sewing this weekend.



  1. I saw the mug rug on Barb's blog and commented on it. Glad it has a good home. Your little appliqué block is adorable. Happy stitching.

  2. How lucky you are getting that Downton quilt from Barb. I love the show too. The DH has even watched the new season with me. I don't expect that to last, but I will be watching.
    Your trees are beautiful. I thought that flower applique looked familiar, I think I have that book. Are you going to teach those two classes? I always get motivated to sew when I am teaching.

  3. Love your block! from the book "The Best Ever Applique Sampler" from Piece O"Cake designs. I also made for a friend. I'm going to post on my quilt blog!

  4. I'm so glad you like the mat, fabric and card.
    I love the chick block with the giant flower! It's you!
    I love the tree quilt and the colors look great on my computer - happy weekend!

  5. How sweet of your friend! Love your applique block. A tree and a bird--perfect combination.:)

  6. Love your tree quilt! The applique block from that book is funny.
    Is the quilt in the header of your weblog an antique one? Beautiful quilt.

  7. lots of great stuff!!! What a great friend to send you those goodies. I only got to see the first 20 min or so of episode 2 cuz I had to pick up dd at work grrr Love your tree quilt and the vintage card!!!!

  8. Fun block to teach Kelly! I am ready for spring. The tree quilt looks great! I wish I could just get some fabric out and start sewing too.
    I was as shocked at the end of that episode too. Lovely little gifts from Barb. I can't wait to see what you do with that owl fabric.

  9. Nice pressies!! Thanks for keeping mum about Downton - I think it needs to be a cup of tea and a scone!

  10. Love the colors of your bird and flower so cheerful. Even if you didn't get a chance to do much sewing, lovely things came your way.

  11. You must be a season behind in Downton Abby. I've seen the next series plus the Christmas special, love the program.
    You have some lovelies from Barb. I think the bird and flower will make for a nice class. Love the trees quilt, great finish.

  12. Your tree quilt is amazing and I love the whimsy of your Piece o' Cake block. Have never watched Downton Abbey. Should I duck from all of the fans. ;O

  13. Your tree quilt is very beautiful! I love the textures you made with your quilting. And your bird block makes me smile!
    It is so nice to meet a blogger in my town!



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