Thursday, January 9, 2014


Inspiration is everywhere. My friend Sujata takes pictures of sunsets and sunrises all the time. Maybe I was inspired by those pictures?

Jane and Terry

Breakfast with friends is always inspirational!

Even the coffee mug at said breakfast can be an inspiration.

Fabrics are always a pathway. For the locals, I got these at the Quilt Block in Exton.

Grandchildren are always inspiring and I love making things for them. I want to make them all new pillowcases, this fabric is a good start for a little kindergartner who is just learning to read.

Just to keep it real........the piles on my tables are growing. As soon as the tree quilt is quilted they will be cleaned up! That trash can looks exceptionally charming.........



  1. What a fun post filled with beautiful smiles and pretty fabrics. I am so bummed that I missed the breakfast and all the chatter. Your trees are looking especially nice with the sunset and sunrise colors. Can that little girl be sitting above the world, on a tree branch reading her book? Hmmm.. talk about inspirations!

  2. You're so right that inspiration is everywhere!! Love your sunrise / sunset trees. You find the best fabrics, those little girly ones are so sweet!! It's good to see your sewing room getting used!!

  3. Amazing why we see when we bother to look, there's inspiration all around us. I'm loving the new fabrics. The trees look wonderful, I love it. Your sewing room looks great, mine is trashed at the moment.

  4. I call it looking at life through quilt colored glasses! Love the trees. Looks like you are really feeling those winter branches.

  5. Love the batiks. Maybe I will get inspired looking at your trees. Right now I made the world's ugliest top this week. I know for a fact when my texts were followed with cheers of agreement and happy to see that I was human. ;O Keep Inspiring!

  6. Your piles are nothing!!! If my room only looked as neat on a good day! Great inspiration!

  7. Love the background fabrics on your cool trees. The fabric with the little reader is so very cute. Your work area looks neat to me. I usually make piles and more piles and then stacks.....well you get it. :)

  8. hey! I collect old metal trash cans, so I love yours!
    Love the new tree blocks with the sunset colors.
    I just put away my Christmas pillowcases that I made years ago. Maybe it's time to make some more. What pattern do you use?

  9. It's sure nice to see what inspires you - the things, the fabrics, the friends, which are the best, of course. I like seeing your sewing table too. Can you tell me... is that a Tracy table? It looks just right. Do you love it?


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