Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting Organized

I always wish I was more organized than I am. I showed this cabinet in a recent post and a friend from my guild and loyal blog follower, Lynne asked me if I would show you the inside.
I feel like you will be disappointed.
A little sister-in-law Ann was visiting my in-laws in North Carolina. She found this in an antique shop, called my husband and said you have to get this for Kelly it will be perfect for her 40th birthday. She was so right, I loved it as soon as I laid eyes on it. I have 7 great sister-in-laws who do nice things like this!

The cabinet was originally used to hold embroidery floss. I have miscellaneous threads in here.

This holds my DMC thread. One year for Christmas I asked my husband to get me one of each color, not knowing there were this many! He bought every single one they had in the store.

This one holds more specialty threads that I don't use all that much any more, but you never know...

In here I have a bunch of new & old buttons, some antique buttons and Bakelite buttons. The ones in front all the way to the left came from my grandma Aggie's button box. There are some glass ones in there.

I occasionally do other crafts especially with grandchildren now. This is a perfect place to keep all those little things that have a tendency to get lost.

If I really can't find something and it is small it is usually in here, somewhere.

If you look to the bottom of the picture you can see the hand written colors of the floss. It is also a perfect place to store all the pins I bought back in the day and can't seem to throw out.

This weekend we had a mini getaway at Christine's. Her birthday is in January and this was her gift from me. She already has a spot for it picked out.

It was also Terry's birthday and she has always coveted this quilt. It was one of my favorites but I will make another one. She was very surprised and is hanging it in her studio.

This little painting is very inspirational to me......

and so are these eggs from the neighbors. What is inspiring you today?



  1. HELLO, what a lovely Keepsake your cabinet is>just love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your Royal Society cupboard and all that it contains. That's what I call being organised. It's great to see you having fun friendly sewing days. I love the mixture of eggs from your neighbour, such wonderful variety of sizes and colours.

  3. Don't know if you ever thought about it, Kelly, but the quilt you gifted to your friend, Terry, could be an abstract versu
    Ion of the painting below!
    Love the cabinet, maybe I need to ask for one for my next bday - it's a big one!

  4. I meant abstract version, sorry!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful retreat. Your cabinet is a beautiful treasure for all your storage and the eggs from your neighbor are fantastic colors.

  6. It looks like I missed a fun time :-(
    What did you all work on?

  7. Thanks for sharing your thread cabinet. I love all the organization! Someday.....:)

  8. Your little cabinet is delightful and so useful. Great sister - in - law!
    Your little gift quilts are lovely.

  9. Your Post!
    What lovely quilty gifts for your sewing buddies.
    I have total thread cabinet envy, thanks for the tour of drawers. I always love to see how people organize their stash of supplies.
    cool painting, love the frame.

  10. Your cabinet is a treasure chest. It was fun to see what is in all those drawers. Luck friends who got your pretty quilts. The eggs really look to good to crack open. My inspiration today, I am working on a quilt for DD, the pieces are all cut and sorted and they are inspiring me. It is green, blue, aqua, and a little purple.

  11. I love, love, love my quilt! Thank you again and again!

  12. LOVE your thread cabinet. That SIL is a keeper!

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing your beautiful thread cabinet close up!!! All of your treasures in one place, it's just beautiful! What nice sisters-in-law you have! And how nice to have a mini get-away in dreary January with such awesome women. Your blog is a bright spot in this long, cold, snowy winter Kelly.


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