Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not Focused Thursday

I do not like having a holiday in the middle of the week. It throws me off. I keep thinking today is Monday.

My flowers are frying in this heat.

I can't seem to get myself organized.

My husband gave me this birdbath for Mother's Day. The coleus and impatients are looking nice. I am  stalking it to make sure it does not dry out

Inspiration is all around me.

Things on the design wall, that need my attention.

I think I may just do a little cleaning up it always get me moving again.



  1. What are you making with that lovely Kaffe print?

  2. Your photo journey of your day is inspiring!! Cleaning up is good for the creative soul! I love your flowery bird bath!

  3. my poor gardens are sad and hot. My pansies have really given up the ghost with with weather.
    Nice colors in this post - love those solids and a peak at your stash

  4. I keep thinking it's Monday also and it's so hot out I just want to sit here in the air and do handwork.

  5. Yes, it does feel like Monday! Not fair having 2 Mondays in one week!

    Great colors in your post today, and it looks like you have some fun things going on. Maybe cleaning will help you find your mojo. I need to do that too - I have to get going on some things, and the studio is very disorganized. At least it's not too hot here.

  6. I think the heat is getting to us all and it does feel like Monday.I am having trouble getting motivated too. I have been organizing papers. Wait until you see my design wall. I love the solid colors and their potential.

  7. There's loads of inspiration around your place but I can imagine the heat wouldn't be helping. I Love the birdbath and all the lovely colours of your solids.

  8. Lovely bunch of solids!

    I like to clean up after each project and clear up some physical and mental space! My cutting table, which is just inside my sewing room door, becomes a repository for dumping things so I often have to sort through that before I can get going!

  9. Honestly, don't you think it is the heat? My flowers are frying too. I'm miserable when I can't be outside more and so are my dogs. Keep your chin up, they say next week could be cooler!
    Hugs, Mickie

  10. Lost my mojo. Not sure what day it is. Can't get organized. Yep, that's me. Hoping the heat wave breaks before I do. ;)
    Hope the clean up gets you going again.

  11. Cleaning up a mess does help me get organized. My problem is that there's no organization, at all, here! I'm hoping to rectify that soon. There's another trip to Ikea coming up this weekend. Sure hope you are keeping cool.


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