Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So Close Yet So Far Away

Summer Baskets

Some of you may remember this quilt from last year. I really like all the colors and right now it feels like a summer quilt! I pulled it out to finish the corners and get it quilted.
Do you do that? Spend a bunch of time getting something done and then put it away?....I wanted a little distance from this one before I quilted it. Still trying to decide.

Remember this one? I really want this one done too. I don't have that much left to do here either. I think I will make these 2 quilts a priority this summer.

I can't quite give up my gardens yet. How could you not want to see these in August?

Or these? I get lots of inspiration and color combinations from my garden. I am torn between wanting to quilt and wanting to garden and both take a lot of time and patience.
How do you balance all the things you have in your life with quilting? I am thinking of taking one day a week and not doing anything else and devoting it to quilting. It just might work!



  1. You may be my quilt twin! Sometimes it is hard to finish once you can see how it is going to turn out. Your two quilts are beautiful. The applique in the corners of the Lone Star is fantastic. Looking forward to shots of the finishes and your garden!

  2. Kelly, Both of these quilts are dynamite. Can't wait to see them finished. I am definitely struggling with the finishing part of quilting these days too.
    And it is even harder when the garden calls. Those flowers are gorgeous!

  3. I thought doing that was normal, it is for me anyway. Sometimes it's about finding the right backing. Love, love both quilts, they set my heart a flutter.

  4. OOhhhh I love these two projects!! I vote for you having a day off to sew and another day to spend in the garden.

  5. both GREAT quilts, ah yes I have put away quilts that just need a binding
    maybe quilts that need to be quilted and oh yes a few that just need a tad more appliqué!
    its hard to do it all, but these are great choices to finish this summer
    I am routing you on!

  6. I think the quilt is gorgeous.

    I could use a little bit of summer now as I sit here in the cool of this first official day of winter!

    I made it - read (or re-read) every post from March, April and May!

  7. I love both quilts..especially those baskets. I also have quilts in various states of "doneness". I have a pile of about 8 that are spray basted and small enough for me to quilt. A couple of weeks ago I just realized that I never did sew the binding on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from over a year ago. I try to have something sitting by my machine ready to go so if I get a few minutes I can do a little sewing, but it is definitely easier in the winter when we have to be inside.

  8. Love the summer baskets hadn't seen that one - great colors!
    was thrilled to see the red and white star out and I adore the cherry trees, yea!!


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