Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down.

I love rainy days. I am very productive and it makes me not want to leave the house. As a gardner I am always tuned in to what the weather is all the time. It is no fun dragging hoses around to water all your just planted flowers and vergetables.
This is what I am planting in the 2 big pots on my front porch this year. Lime Light coleus, I think the other coleus is called Big King?, a maiden hair fern and some impatients.

I love this color combination in the shady part of my garden, hosta and a perennial forget me not.

This is my "chickweed" garden. As you can see it is a very invasive weed! I have about 2/3 of it weeded and got some of my tomatoes in yesterday.

Inspired by my trip to New Mexico I decided I wanted to paint my front door a nice blue. As I went along I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. You know it's bad if you are trying to talk yourself into it.....
My husband was at work and when he came home he just stared at it and said "why did you paint the door handicap blue?" From that point on that was what I saw everytime i looked at it.

So I finally found one we both could live with. A little bright yet a little subdued.
Not one bit of sewing got done this weekend but if it rains all week as they say it will I may just have something to show soon.



  1. I love seeing your plants! I think everybody has a chickweed garden at some point. My neighbor and I have decided the weeds add to the biodiversity in our yards.

  2. Kelly, that is a cool combination (hosta with forget me not). Love the color of the door, have a great rainy day :)

  3. Green plants, blue door. Now you're working with my color palette!

  4. I love those limey hosta too. They glow on rainy days.
    Your door looks beautiful!!

  5. I always love seeing your garden! We've just painted our outside back steps that colour, it's the beginning of turning our house into a colourful rainbow! well, our back courtyard.. :),

  6. Love your garden, and the "handicap blue" too. Your hubby is a lucky guy that you'd change the colour just for him ha ha.

  7. Your finished door color is really pretty. I like the glass in the door too. I'm quite into noticing front doors now since we began house hunting today! More tomorrow, and it's such fun!


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