Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Week

This week has been all about kids. Yesterday we invited the neighbors over for an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner. It was a sunny but windy day. The kids had a great time.

We have a great tree line to hide the eggs,

This week the grandkids and I had a tie dye session........don't they look bored? Look at those weeds in the background.....

They did enjoy it.

I think they did a great job!

Even though I have 4 kids of my own, I have forgotten how hard it was to keep them occupied! We would jump from project to project.

There was no way we were doing a sewing project. Maddy took a time out from the kids to go down to "her" sewing room and work on the design wall.

She loves taking scraps and pinning them to death on the design wall. A sewer in training...

These are the quilts that myself and several other ladies made for a book that will be coming out soon. Bob, the designer and author of the book, had us all over for a party to celebrate! The food was great, the company even better. We all had fun.
I will post pictures of all the quilts as soon as the book is out.

Now that the Easter bunny has gone back home, life should settle down a bit and I can get back into the sewing room. I am looking forward to tomorrow's diary block. I have 2 little helpers who are designing the block for me.



  1. This looks like a whole lot of wonderful fun! Nothing beats an Easter Egg hunt with lots of children.
    And the results of the dyeing project look great, too.
    The quilts..... can't wait to see.

  2. How fun! Your Maddy looks very serious at the design wall. Will we be buying her fabric line in a few years time?

  3. Looks like a great time. Love the shirts. I think I see that pink and green quilt you were working on.

  4. You are the best mom mom in the world! Those grandkiddies will grow up with the best memories is spending creative time with their grandmother.

  5. Awesome Kelly. Egg hunt looks almost like our kids....except they ranged from 26 - 41. Love maddie at the design wall. Very nice of bob to have all the book contributors over!

  6. It's always great to see what fun and wonderful things you are doing with your grandchildren. I know they love going to your house! Can't wait to see your mystery quilt, too!

  7. You Have been busy!! Your garden looks amazing for Easter egg hunts. I go to my pantry for Easter egg hunts, hee hee. The tie die shirts are wonderful, what a great momento for the children to take home. Maddy is so cute playing with you design wall!! Are those all different types of Log Cabins!?! How exciting, I'm really loving log cabins at the moment.

  8. What fun! You are just the perfect grandmere. And look at Maddy - a blooming designer. Cannot wait to see more of the upcoming book. How do you do it all? You are one amazing lady.

  9. they look like they are having the best time. Its exciting that Maddy shows such an interest in fabric. Fallon looks so grown up.

  10. I see your pink and green quilt on the couch - what a nice looking group and fun party.
    There is nothing more fun that an egg hunt - how cute. Love the T-shirts!

  11. My 2yo Older Grandson loves putting scraps on the design wall too - but we don't use pins; we just press them against the flannel because he'll pull them all down soon enough (or his 10 month old brother will!)


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