Thursday, December 15, 2011

Handmade Days

The past 2 days have been a little crazy! I had lunch with my friend Judie, she gave me this beautiful handmade angel. It also has the beach theme going which is a love we both share.
My other friend, Suzanne made this cute pincushion from an egg cup. How cool are those feet?

Christine made this lovely quilt that has silk leaves all over. It does feel like they are blowing in the wind. My granddaughter Maddy immediately claimed it as her's! I stole it back.

Cheryl took a book binding class last fall and made this stunning book for me to write down all my thoughts or ideas in. I love how she personalized it with the "K".

Sujata made these adorable mug rugs in my favorite colors! She even did hand quilting in the center.

Isn't this cute? Jane made this in my colors as well. This is something I really like but would never take the time to make for myself!! It is good to have creative friends!

My oldest granddaughter, Fallon made me a cup for my coffee. I will keep this always as she is growing up fast.

My husband surprised me last month by asking if I wanted to go to an art show and pick out a piece for my birthday. I will tell you I almost fell off the chair. This is not something he would want to do and I so appreciate his thoughtful gift. It is not a great picture but it is a watercolor that suggests trees to me, maybe at sunset or sunrise, you decide. Yellow is a color I am growing to like more and more.

Griffin, Elliot and Maddy made these santas. His beard is numbered and you cut off a slice every until Christmas. They are really enjoying this!

These are my name tags I made for some of my friends.....I took them with the iphone and I don't know how to turn them right side up...anyone know? This is annoying but I will show them to you anyway. Jane I can't find yours!



  1. Wow ! I love it all!!! All those wonderful gifts, the Santa with their cut off beards, that beautiful painting, and your amazing name tags!!!

  2. Kelly,

    So much goodness on this post! I love the art Bob gave you on your birthday. All the little gifts from your tots.. Love the fact that they are growing up with so much creativity around them.

    They are so lucky to have you!

  3. You definitely have talented friends to hang out with, all the gifts are so fun. Love the Santas the kids made and especially love the name tags.

  4. We do have the best and talented friends. Unfortunately I di not photograph mine before we left on our adventure.
    BTW, our doggie hotel is OK. Phew.

  5. So many goodies - what can I say?

    I love Santa's beard being used as a countdown to Christmas!

  6. first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! belated.
    What a wonderful assortment of gifts, each one unique and creative.
    I love the standing bird (of course)
    the advent beard is a scream.
    This was such a fun post.
    oh, and the name tags are over the moon.
    Oh the painting is lovely, just too many great things all at once!

  7. What wonderful gifts given and received. And your beautifully sweet grandchildren are just precious. And then the watercolor is so lovely and to think that your wonderful husband would think to buy it for you. What a very merry Christmas for everyone in your neighborhood!


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