Friday, December 2, 2011

Girl's Day Out

Isn't this beautiful? Our friend Terry went to a wedding in India and brought us each a gorgeous gift. They are the bits and pieces of saris, sewn together, that look a little like a crazy quilt She picked out colors she knew we would love. Mine is pink.

Cheryl's is blue (love the look on her face!)
Jane's is beautiful shades of turquoise, this picture makes it look very washed out.

Sujata's was very her! Some of the designs felt like they had an African influence to me.

Christine's is a very deep purple/gray again my camera makes it looked dull.
Thank you Terry we all love them and will think of you every time we see them.

This was the wedding invitation, that was like a small book. The colorful cards are the activities planned for the guests.....the yellow one that you can't read says "yacht".
Her pictures and stories were amazing, they even rode a camel!

We also had some show and tell. Jane has a kid's quilt to machine quilt and was asking us our opinion on what she might do.

Sujata's Christmas quilt.

Christine's blocks from our playdate with Sujata a few weeks back. I really want to get back to this time!

Christine's quilt for her granddaughter for Christmas.
Cheryl is making these to put under a glass table top at her house in the Poconos.

Cheryl's beautiful quilt that hung in Houston. I love the colors!

I have nothing to show because the things I have been working on are gifts!

After a wonderful lunch that Christine made for us, we made our way home and decided we need at least another day or two to catch up! Thanks girls for a fun day.



  1. I can relive that day all over again! It was so much fun. Great photos!

  2. We do have a wonderful time together, don't we? Lucky chicks.

  3. What gorgeous fabrics and wonderful quilts--what a super group you belong to. I need to find some group in my area....Julierose..

  4. What a lovely group of friends you have. What fun to get together like that. The sari quilts are stunning.

  5. What a delightful day with wonderfully delightful friends. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I almost felt like I was there,just almost.....

  6. Thank you for the eye candy... I need to become friends with Terry!

  7. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful quilts Kelly.

  8. Wow, Kelly....stunning quilts from the sari's. Thank you for sharing all of your fun!

  9. Such lucky girls you are! A treasure in a friend and a gift for you to treasure! They are all just stunning! My favorite kind of quilt...

  10. Oh my, those sari quilts are so luscious! And what wonderful colors too. Thanks for sharing your fun day with all of us - it was lovely!

  11. love the mirror and my little baby rottweiler, her name is mina or paco if anyone asks LOL, loved the name tag, thought it was a placemat at first, until I read more, really loved the christmas quilt, u r one taleneted lady and i love u

  12. What a wonderful day you all had!! Terry's gifts to you all are just so wonderful! That has to be the best Wedding invitation I've ever seen!! I loved all the show and tell too. Thanks for sharing your special day with us!!

  13. What a fabulous day you girls had. I adore all that work in the room and esp love those sari quilts! xo

  14. I came here from Sujata's blog.
    What a talented circle of friends! Thank you for sharing with us. And those quilts from India -- I am speechless -- and envious.

  15. Amen! it was a great day and I don't think the photos did justice to the quilts (sorry, Kelly!) Too much light in room? whatever. It was wonderful: quilts, gifts, friends et al!


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