Monday, December 19, 2011

Diary Quilt Tuesday

I have to say this block was a lot of fun to make. This past week I have been busy finishing up my shopping, wrapping presents with some other fun events. My mother in law arrives in about 45 minutes so I am posting this now as I am not sure what the rest of the week will be like and if I will have time to blog.

When my credit cards expired for some reason I just threw them in a drawer. They worked out perfect for this block and this time of year. I appliqued the Target bag to the background and used a tiny hole punch to sew the credit cards on.

I get to live vicariously through my quilting. I love her red boots and would love to be able to shop in them, and run in them as well!
Okay I have a question I will throw out to you all. What do you think about putting the date of each week on the block? There is a part of me that wants to but then another part that does
I am also not sure if I like the embroidery. I certainly don't like doing it at all. Writing with a pigma pen? something else....??? Give me your thoughts.

Maddy was a little crafty this weekend too. Making gifts for her teachers.

She was working on the design wall...check out all the pins. Some have as many as 4 pins in each square!

She got her Hello Kitty sewing machine out and sewed away. It really is enough to make some one not want to sew. I can't wait until she is older to get her a real machine.

Finally she gave up and asked if I would help her make this quilt for her teddy bear. I let her pick out the stitches and we just slapped on the squares and sewed over them...she loves it and slept with it last night!


  1. Clever Maddie!

    I would put the date on the back and, since I quite like embroidery, that's what I would use - small back stitches.

  2. I also should have said, I love that block! You have inspired me to try a journal quilt of my own!

  3. I just love this block. I love the direction that you are going and you MUST continue with the embroidery, whether you like it or not. I hope your homor continues in this style. It si quite unique.
    Keep it quilty.
    Re: dating - the entire quilt will be a catalogue of your 55th year. You don't need to date each square, IMHO.

  4. That block is soooo darn cute! How precious is that quilt Maddy made? So sweet!

  5. I like the idea of dating the blocks. If you can't do the date like you did with the measuring tape or some other element in the block, I would use a pigma pen and put it in an inconspicuous place.

    That is just my two cents.
    Whatever you choose will look great.

  6. Love this block! Yes to the embroidery for sure. Date? You can always go back and date them with pigma marking pen. You will have this blog to go back and look them up.
    You are so creative with this project. I look forward to seeing each one, every week!
    Looks like Maddy has the concept down for the design wall. So adorable!

  7. Lots of pros and cons on the embroidery and dates! You'll have to decide yourself I think.
    You can always write on the back and add words on the front later. Personally I think the embroidery as it looks now seems to distract from the picture image which has great details. Just my opinion!

  8. No doubt about it: Date it! Embroider it! Just think of your quilt appearing on "Antiques Roadshow" someday. The knowledgeable antique dealer will be telling your relative, "This quilt is really special because the dates reflect so much of the quilt's history. The intricate handwork demonstrates the care with which the quilt was made. Combined, these make your quilt quite valuable. I'd estimate at auction it would be worth $90,000 to $100,000." Your decendant will faint dead-away. From heaven, you'll be grinning ear to ear!

  9. I love your block!! Your blocks are going to be a highlight of my week!! I don't think you need to date your blocks if you have them in consecutive order. As long as you write the year on the back you could work out which week. Maybe some of the blocks will look as though they need a date as part of the design but you'll know it when they do. Maddie's quilt is lovely!! So wonderful of you to let her pick the stitches.

  10. very cute block, love the bag and CC's and of course the red shoes.
    insted of embroidery maybe you could write on the block with a pigma pen so its not so obvious if thats what your worried about.
    write down the info on a piece of paper and at the end of the year you can add it OR write it on muslin and then add it to the back of the quilt the whole back of the quilt could be a written story book....

  11. LOVE this block! I think you should keep the embroidery as it gives your blocks more texture and dimension. I feel less strongly about the dating. Like everyone else, can't wait to see what comes next...

  12. Love your block! great design, colors, details, all of it. your embroidered words look great, but who says all the blocks have to be the same? One date (the year) would suffice, I think. and the teddy bear quilt is the cutest ever!

  13. Love the block, especially the target bag, I would save the embroidery for when you want to feature those special moments in your life, since its really not something you enjoy doing. the story can be told some weeks without it. the date can be inconspicuous done in pigma. I know you just didn't slap that together and the embroidery takes long to do so I would save it for special remembrances. I commend you on putting so much into that block. a job well done, joanne

  14. I think Maddie is a natural, it's fun sewing with the little people!
    The journal block is amazing, I love it especially the red ankle boots! I say date the blocks, I'd what about a fabric stamp with numbers?

  15. I like the embroidery a lot and would prefer that over pigma pen! I think because it is a diary quilt, that you might want to date the "entries". Either way, great block!

  16. So the hello kitty machine is a tad difficult to use? I'm tempted to get Aria her own machine, but when we tried that we had to return it cause it was so much harder to use than mine. I hope to get a better one and give her mine.

  17. That block is wow, Im also a non lover of hand embroidery, mainly because I just cant get the hang of it, but Id be inclined as another poster said to incorporate a date in the blocks, using fabric, embellishments etc, just my suggestion ;)

  18. LOVE this block! Still can't figure out how you did the Target bag - it's so perfect! Definitely date the blocks. You're spending so much time making these amazing blocks, don't spend so much time on the dates. Pigma pen the back and if you want to embroider them later, do it!

  19. Love the little details on your calendar quilt.
    Maddy is so cute with her pink HK machine. What fun!

  20. Ooops, meant Maddie (sorry) :)

  21. nope, guess it is maddy - doh! :)


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