Monday, October 24, 2011

A Very Random Monday

What can I say about this? Green tighty son Dylan asked me to dye a Tshirt and these so he can be Robin, Batman's side kick for Halloween. I should be quilting....

Who knew you could sew and play Scrabble at the same time? I am so hooked. Right now I am playing 11 games with unkown people, it's fun. I learned QI is a hot word to use. I should be quilting.....

Played with Maddy....

and Elliot doing crafty things.....

Draped gluey embrodery floss over balloons and let them dry....

Mom mom did hers in red rick rack.....When they are dry, pop the balloon and you have your bowl.

We made some cookies and had a fun sewing got done that day either.

I could not resist this. A retro Barbie pattern from back in the day. I said I would never sew Barbie clothes, but this is tempting me.

Especially this one, Maddy loves it. I love this dress too! I would wear it, only it needs to be a little bigger! I also said I would never make catherdral windows and temptation is at the doorway.
Needless to say I have no sewing to show for this week, but hopefully that will change this week.



  1. Fun times with your children are a great alternative to sewing!

  2. You started your post with a pair of undies!! That's so funny!! ROTFL!! You always have fun bits and pieces going on at your house. The string baskets are so clever, and those vintage Barbie dresses are just so cool!!

  3. what a fun day with the kids!
    Yes I play scrabble with friends, maybe we should play?
    Qi is a great word especially if q falls on a triple letter!
    your brave making barbie clothes, me smallest I wanted to make was the American Doll clothes!

  4. I do so miss those fun days with children. Sewing will always be waiting for you but those happy days with your children go by all to quickly. :)

  5. What a lot of craftiness at your place! So funny about the costume, how brave of your son. Never say never, that cathedral windows called my name awhile ago too.
    My Dh loves those two letter words, it drives me crazy.

  6. love your string bowls and the Robin undies - too funny! they are the perfect weird green!
    I love to play scrabble and was really addicted for a while. QI is one of my favorites and also XI both a are fab on a triple!

  7. Well looks like you had fun! I love scrabble I have a hand held game I play all the time.
    I have always loved making Barbie clothes. At one time that's all I wanted to do.
    Love the bowls.

  8. Kelly,
    Looks like you had some fun with the kids. Those bowls look adorable! I can just picture those little tiny hands getting into it all!
    Green underwear is funny! Can't wait to see those retro Barbie outfits. I hope you get some sewing done today!

  9. I see much justification for not sewing in these pictures. Just sayin.

  10. Quilting can always wait. (did I really say that??) You have to do the crafty things with your kids while they're still kids and speaking to you lol. I love the string on balloon craft. My son and I make Christmas ornaments using glittery cotton yarn. They're so delicate and he loves making them. At least for now...

  11. Although you didn't get any quilting done, looks like you had a the best of times with the family (love those bowls)and the quilting, like the housekeeping will be waiting for you when you are ready to get back into it.


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