Friday, October 28, 2011

Holy Crystal Ball, Batman! How Did You See That Coming?

Dylan as Robin
Remember the green dyed tighty whiteys? I think he looks pretty realistic.

We went on line and drew up a plan. The red "vest" is a t-shirt that we cut the sleeves off and fused the details on. The belt is a grosgrain ribbon again with fused pieces on it.

The cape is satin, of  course and the mask is a piece of felt.  All in all this was not too hard to make, though I did not think I would still be making Halloween costumes for my children at 33! He loves it!!! This is the only sewing I have done this week, so far...

So I will leave you with this little cheesey saying,

Robin: "Holy molars! Am I ever glad I take good care of my teeth!"
Batman: "True. You owe your life to dental hygiene."



  1. Fun post@!!! :D He looks the part!!! :)

  2. What a great costume! what a good mom you are - but I'll bet it was fun, wasn't it?! I helped Hannah (21) with her Wonder Woman costume, sewing stars on her stretchy panties, and also made her friend a Bat Girl emblem for her costume. and it was fun!

  3. Wow! His Robin costume really came out great! I love home made costumes - they are so creative. I stil help with my son's costumes too, and he will be 22 on Halloween. Don't know his plan for this year yet, but I'll find out Saturday morning - he has a party Sat night. Good thing I have a stash! At least your son planned ahead! You two did a great job!

  4. That is the most wonderful costume!! Hang on, are you sure that's not the real Robin?

  5. No matter how old our sons are, they will always be our little boys! - even in tighty whiteys dyed green.

  6. LOL... love it!
    Kelly, this costume is so great!

  7. He looks so powerful! Look at that smile, I agree with Cheryl, How can you not make a costume for your son!

  8. Oh my, he really looks the part!

  9. What a fantastic costume! You did a great job. Handsome son too.

  10. Love the costume! You did an awesome job.

  11. Great job on the costume..he looks great! You two are a great team.

    My DS used to come into town for a party every year. He'd bring along an odd batch of stuff and a rough idea of what he wanted and the two of us would brainstorm and make the costume together. So much fun!
    He's moved out to California and it's too far to come back this year. I hadn't realized just how much fun it made the holiday until it was missing.


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