Friday, October 7, 2011

Fallish Feeling Friday

This is one of the things I worked on at the get away a couple weeks ago. I enjoy making a Halloween quilt almost every year. For now this is going on the back burner and will most likely wait until next year....

Sometimes I wonder if I have an attention disorder, fast forward to a Christmas quilt! Every year the town I live in has a Christmas parade. We have talked about participating in it every year and never do, that is about to change.  We will decorate my husband's truck and flat bed trailer, come up with a theme and the hope is to have quilts for the grandkids to be wrapped up in to keep warm......I better get back to sewing. Thanks goodness they are still small!

Love it but don't want to make it.
Okay can anyone tell me how you do this and where in the world you would get yarn this thick and needles this big? I know it is called extreme knitting. How cool is this? It is almost as good as a quilt............almost!



  1. It will be great fun to join in the parade this year! I like the start of your quilt.
    I love the the giant chunky knitting. I saw a video on youtube about it. It would sure go fast!
    I have giant needles from many years ago, but I haven't seen that yarn anywhere. It looks like rope, but much softer?

  2. Oh, fun!
    Your two quilts look great.

    Wow. Have not seen knitting on this scale before. I can't imagine how large the needles have to be to knit with yarn (rope?!?). ;o)

  3. I am new to blogland--just luv your new banner--great fun. Julieose

  4. You are inspiring me to do a Halloween quilt. I love that holiday!

  5. Ummmm, "broomstick knitting?"

  6. Participating in the parade would be so much fun!! I love the idea of all your grand children wrapped in quilts to stay warm. That knitted blanket is beautiful, you see some beautiful yarns these days.

  7. I think I need to collect some halloween fabrics to make a little quilt, that quilt is just so fun, you have some great fabrics there!
    thats a great idea to make the kiddies little christmas quilts to use in the parade!
    cute fabrics there too! very happy fabrics.
    keep going can't wait to see them

  8. The two quilts looking great already. It'll be so fun to be in the parade and decorate the float, will look forward to seeing that.

    Try Rachel John, extreme knitting on google, she has the kneedles and Yarn, can you imagine the weight of it?

  9. Oh wow! how cool is that! In our town, only businesses have a float in the Christmas parade! What fun if families could join in!!

    As you know, I am a knitter but I have never seen yarn that thick and the needles would have to be broomsticks, wouldn't they?

  10. BTW, do you have a link for that knitting?

  11. love your halloween quilt - how fun!
    the parade sounds like a blast - right out of christmas story (my favorite all time christmas movie).

  12. I am working on a Christmas quilt right now too. But as I was piecing last night, a table runner that I started for VALENTINE'S DAY caught my eye and I nearly abandoned my Christmas project to machine quilt it.

    A.D.D. in the sewing room. I think it's rather typical among quilters, actually. :-) I prefer to think of it as creativity rather than chaos!

  13. Kelly, there is actually a most hysterical (not intentially) video with a girl knitting with outrageously large knitting needles and her blanket looks like the one you have pictured. I'll try to find it for you.
    Also I just LOVE your Halloween quilt in your header - it's just wonderful!


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