Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am really glad I decided to clean my sewing room. I found a bunch of stuff in the closet that I forgot about. Most of what I forgot were some feed sack fabrics and some embroidered blocks.  It seemed ashamed to leave them in the closet when I really should use them for something.

So I started sewing to frame the bird block. I love the farbic with the Mexican sombrero, cactus and the man taking a siesta! Then I decided to go on a different path.
I have always wanted to make something to keep my applique blocks-in-progress. I usually just fold them up, then the appliques gets all weird and it makes it a pain to stitch. Not to mention that it creases the block.

This is a piece of cut up table cloth (I bought it this way) that I used for the back. The binding is also a feed sack. The beautiful red rick rack is vintage too. Except for the thread this entire piece is probably older than me (well maybe!).

Next I laid my unfinished blocks inside....

rolled it up and tied it with, yes more vintage ribbon. I would rather have had pink or blue but went with the yellow to keep with the vintage theme. I am very happy with this as it is something I really need and it was fun to do.

This is what I got from my husband for Valentine's Day....crab cakes. Just look at those giant lumps of crab! They were delicious and much appreciated...I don't need any candy.
Just this morning there was a spot on the news about the increase in cotton prices. I made a comment about how now the price of fabric is going to go up. Jokingly he said "they really should regulate the price....." I did not feel the least bit guilty about all the fabric I have and all the fabric I have forgotten about!



  1. Kelly,
    what a great idea to keep the applique block in a role of a mini quilt? I have a few mini and always wonder about what to do with them!

    Only problem with your is that it is so beautiful to be tucked away..But a genius of an idea!

    Lovely gift from hubby.. Yes.. I am not a big fan of chocolate either.. Growing up in India may have something to do with it? Or may be just crazy me ; )

  2. What a great way to use your vintage fabrics!
    I really like the pot holdes from the last post too.
    Those vintage prints are so cheerful. I'm glad you've pulled them out and you're using them. :)

  3. Your applique roll up is such a great idea, and a work of art in itself.

  4. Love the fabric with the Mexican sombrero and a siesta.

  5. I come to you via Amy's Creative Side. You do beautiful work-very creative!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the vintage bird applique holder. It is super cute.


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