Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not a snow day but an ice day

Like much of the East Coast we are encased in ice. It is starting to melt and hopefully we will be able to get out of the house later today.

I am not complaining though because I have gotten a lot done being housebound. Here is my latest finished UFO. I am pretty sure I pieced this in1995 but not completely sure. Once again not fabrics I am in love with anymore but it is a nice quilt and I wanted it done.

This is a close up of the quilting. I did 3 straight lines in each "log". It went pretty fast and I even did the binding by machine.

I also found this miracle product. You use it to fuse leftover batting together. At first I was a little skeptical and I could always sew it together but this took me about 1 minute to do.

It is very light weight and very soft once it is fused on. I could not feel any difference when I layered the top and back. I give it a thumbs up! I got it through Keepsake Quilting.



  1. Once you need to buy more of the batting seam tape, just go to the local fabric store and get some interfacing yardage and cut the strips yourself. That is standard knit fusible interfacing but any light to medium weight one will work and will be a lot less expensive.

    I adore that quilt! It's got a great vintage feel to it.

  2. Great tip from Vicki W.

  3. Love your quilt!!! the colors and the pattern are wonderful!!! THanks for the insight on the batting, I'm going to try that product!!! Keep WARM!!!!

  4. That was a great tip from Vicki, I use a similar product for the back of stitcheries. It's great to see how our tastes change but I still feel a bit fond of the oldies I made way back.

  5. The quilt is lovely. Thanks for the tip on the batting seam tape. I'm going to have to find some.

  6. What a great idea....batting seam tape! How do you manage to do your binding on your machine?


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