Monday, January 10, 2011

First Finished Quilt of 2011

My quilt as you go project is finished! It feels wonderful to have a UFO done. This block was from the Piecemaker's Calendar from the '90s, I remember being so excited that I found that basket fabric. I also put some antique buttons on it.

There were a couple of blocks that did not fit into the quilt. I decided to cut them up and use them as fillers.

I am happy with the effect, it adds to the scrappiness of it.

These were just chopped off at the edge. Again I like how it is very random and seems not real thought out (not)! It did feel weird to cut right through that appliqued sunflower!!

Here is the finished quilt. The picture is not that great, it was still dark this morning and everyone was leaving for the day. While these are not my favorite colors or style any more I am happy with the results.

Here is a picture of the back. As you can see all those left over pieces of reproduction fabrics got used up!  The quilt as you go method was a good exercise and I think it will be something I will use again. Especially with more "custom" quilting where I need more control. I am not sure how much time I saved but it is flat, square and finished! I am going to try and get some more UFO's done now that I see it was not too bad.



  1. Great quilt! Love the scrappiness and random-ness of it. I know it wasn't random at all, but you make it look so good!

  2. Tell you what...If these are not your colors I will be happy to take it-because they are mine.
    Beautiful Quilt. Love how you cut up the blocks to use as fillers very creative.
    What a cute little helper.

  3. It looks GREAT!!!! (with and without Maddie). Worth keeping all those orphans and wait for the right time. This was not procrastination!

  4. Congratulations on finishing it. My favourite part was where you chopped up the blocks, I think they look neat. That's the trouble with ufo's, our tastes change and then it makes it hard to work on them. It'll make a great utility quilt.

  5. It is beautiful!!! Great tips from you as well. You're an inspiration!

  6. Kelly,

    The quilt turned out so good!!! I love the mix of applique and pieced blocks. All so random but perfect with each other! A nice journal of your past work! I will check out your friend's book and the blog.

  7. Love how it turned out. The scrappiness is perfect. It is a totally one of a kind quilt because of how you put it together. A great first finish for the year.

  8. I love this quilt! The cut up blocks are genius. :)

  9. turned out great, I recently placed my orphan cat block in a library exhibit, I also have been trying to fi nish some oldies, but, I keep getting sidetracked a nd start another. I.m enjoying, so whatever.....joanne


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