Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry Christmas!

I think decorating cookies will become a tradition with the grandchildren! These are the best looking cookies ever!

I did these on 2 separate days as it is very hard to get everyone together at once! Cam in the back and Jax up front, are now 4!!!! The recently moved into a new house and it is gorgeous!

Cam is taking his decorating very seriously.....

Jax is too!

Brynnie did pretty good for an almost 3 year old! I used holiday cocktail knives to add to the festive time and the size was perfect for their little hands.

Finnegan is almost 5 and was very meticulous.

I was so happy Maddy, who is now 12 could join in as she had a day off from school. She is a good helper! Now if I could get a hold of the other 3 grandchildren, maybe next year!

Finnegan even dressed in red for the pictures (-:

Baby Piper is already 4 months old! She is so sweet and a good baby. Next year I am sure she will be in on the fun.

I think Brynnie ate more than she decorated. Do you think she has enough sprinkles?

They spread out this quilt all on their own and asked me to take their picture. A sure way to this grandmother's heart.

I have a fun and quick decoration for you. Saw up some branches and drill a 3/8" hole in the top. Cut off some evergreen branches, add a little ornament and you have a cute table setting idea! I made 19 in about 10 minutes, not hard and they look so cute!
I will probably not be back until the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!



  1. What fun .Enjoy them . Is there a pattern name for the red and white quilt ? Thank you for sharing .

  2. Dad Mom, I was not able to email your directly so I hope you see this! The quilt was made using the Quick Curve Ruler. The pattern comes with the ruler. It is an easy and fun block to make. I hope you try it!

  3. Grandkids and baking cookies, a perfect combination! The cookies 🍪 look yummie!

  4. What adorable photos of the cookie decorating parties. You get grandma of the year from me! Your joy in your grandchildren always shines through.
    Your little trees are wonderful, clever and eco friendly. they are wonderful
    I with you a Very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

  5. Merry Christmas, Kelly! Your blog posts these days are much different than mine. For me there’s no cookie decorating, no house decorating... sadly, no grandies around. I'm happy for you to get to play with them and make these fun memories. Have a blessed time.

    By the way, allow me to mention a new technology glitch. Since mid-December, I am no longer able to comment on your blog posts from my computer, a MacBook. Apparently a recent Safari (my Internet platform) update has increased "security," so I am no longer able to access my Google profile to comment on blog posts. I have tried and tried to figure out how to make it work, and my comment always disappears. So, I am ONLY able to comment through my little iPhone. Sigh. I am telling you this in case you see a further decline in comments. Other commenters may be experiencing the same technology problem. I'm so tired of updates that profess to "improve," when updates only mess up everything. I want to yell, "Leave well enough alone!"


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