Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ho Ho Ho OH NO!

So exactly 2 months from today is Christmas!!! You know that time will fly by in the blink of an eye. I started this quilt during the summer. It is a complete kit by MODA, the only thing I needed to provide was the backing and batting. Now I have been quilting for a long time....42 years. You would think a simple log cabin block with a fused applique should be no problem. You would be wrong! For something like this I highly suggest you follow the directions, unlike me.

The Santa is huge! The log cabin blocks are 12" and the Santa is about 3' x 3'. I decided I wanted to quilt Santa a face. I had my good friends Carolyn and Jamie quilt the log cabin blocks in a wonderful Baptist Fan pattern. I was then going to fuse the face on and button hole stitch around it and add texture to the beard and face. I could barely get it under my foot on my machine. The bulk was too much.

So it sat for most of the summer until I could decide what to do. I quilted the face like a separate quilt and then the plan was to hand applique it to the blocks.

So now I have to applique through 3 layers of fabric and batting onto a bulky quilt. I took me all day to applique something that would have taken me an hour at the most. I can't even explain how I did it except along the way I was sure the back was going to get caught in my stitching. It was appliqueing a quilt on top of a quilt!

Finally it was done and now it just needed binding which was included in the kit. I tore the room apart and still have not found it......luckily this gingham did the trick. You know I will find it the next time I am in there!

So next time I will follow the directions and leave myself a note where I put the binding! That being said, it is an adorable quilt and I am glad I made it. I think the grand kids will love it!



  1. This is an adorable quilt and yes, the kiddo's will love it and the stitching irritation will all fade away. 2 month? Oh, no!

  2. It is adorable! so did you hand applique' it on? yikes?!! I misplace things all the time in my sewing room. It is crazy and drives me crazy. The binding is super cute and works great. It is a fun quilt and you will love having it. The grandkids will love snuggling with it too unless your hanging it, which would look awesome.

  3. This quilt is precious! Love the quilting you did on Santa's face. All of your hard work certainly paid off!

    1. Thanks Jess, it was an adorable must make quilt!

  4. Great ideas for new projects, I admire! Christmas is getting closer. Christmas holiday mood must also be. I am also going to sew something on this occasion. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. OMG it's so cute! I love an old santa! But... I ran into trouble with a small halloween pillow by not following their directions... I should know better than to do a pattern! I'm a maverick! But I will say, whatever road you took, this looks just wonderful. I like the backing, so fresh, so you. I like the way Santa bursts onto the scene and the bright trad Christmas colors! Good job you! The quilting is great on santa too.


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  7. Well now I'm REALLY nervous about this quilt! I've never done a log cabin and thought this would be a fun one to learn on. I got the kit in the summer and cut everything out as directed thinking I could sit and sew after my surgeries but I couldn't. If YOU had problems with it, I think I'm doomed!!! It looks wonderful though and I especially love his beard!


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