Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dot's Quilt

Dot who is a member of my Calico Cutter Quilt Guild, is an expert applique artist.

She has a quilt that she is not going to finish for various reasons.

She has asked myself and 3 other members if we would finish it and donate it to the guild as a raffle quilt in the future.

This is a daunting task as Dot's applique (and embroidery) is amazing to say the least.

Today we learned that she was taught by Jane Townswick and had quilts in 3 of her books!

It's going to be a beautiful quilt when it's complete.

Look at those reverse applique wings, so perfect!

I am up first and this will be my contribution, the Poppies block.

Lucky for me a good part of the prep work is done so I can get to sewing right away.
Dot I promise to do my best!

As a side make blogging even harder I got a new computer and now I can't find my pictures every time I download them on Windows 10 any tips?????



  1. Kelly que bonita entrada, seguro que harás un trabajo magnifico.
    Sera un preciosos edredón.
    me costo tiempo acostumbrarme a Windows 10, cuando hace actualizaciones siempre se pierde algo,
    luego se recupera el solo. "Me daba dolor de cabeza ahora no le hago caso"

  2. this is a fabulous quilt in progress...i am looking forward to seeing the final quilt...hugs, Julierose

  3. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt. What an honor that Dot chose you and others to finish her masterpiece.

  4. You are no slouch in the appliqué department! Your block will be gorgeous. How nice that the quilt will be finished and not just shelved in a dusty box.

  5. This is going to be a stunning and special quilt. How lovely and generous for you and your friends to finish it for her.

  6. It's really wonderful that she reached out to our Guild instead of putting it in a drawer. Her work is amazing, the ladybug and bumblebee! You are the perfect person to help make this complete.

  7. Good for you to jump in and help! Going to be a fun adventure.:)

  8. Fweeew's going to be an awesome quilt ! The appliqué is gorgeous !
    Congratulations to have been chosen, you and your guild, to finish it !

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  10. This will be so beautiful when your group is finished. Love that bee! Good luck with Windows. I'm a Mac user, but I'm beginning to think that all technology is a plot to make us crazy.


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