Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow Day

We finally got some snow and it's February 9th! Of course they made it out to be the "stormageddon" well almost.......the news people do love a snowstorm! We only ended up with about 4", hardly a big deal but a good enough reason for me to stay put for the day.
I have been working on some flying geese. These will be a long term project and maybe even a full size quilt! I am using the method that makes 4 at a time. It's very accurate and feels a little like doing magic. The centered deer in the top block was a happy accident!
I was thinking this might be fun to do as a swap. Is anybody out there interested? You can find a tutorial on how to make them right here on my blog.

I made this today as a gift for a friend. I found some antique stamps a few weeks ago and they included some very unique ones.....I will do a post on them another day. They do have some letters missing so I had to improvise with new stamps. The fabric in this pincushion is from Cotton and Steel called Flower Shop that I got in Houston last fall. I think it is coming out in the quilt stores now.

How sweet is baby Brynn? I spent the beginning of the week getting some meals ready for them and yesterday I spent the day at my daughter's house. I will go back tomorrow to give her a hand and next week if she needs me.

Sleeping baby, it's good thing

So far so good. She is only getting up once a night and going right back to sleep. Mom and dad are getting a good night's sleep! She took to breastfeeding right away which really takes a lot of stress off the mommy.
I am busy getting things ready for our annual getaway next week. As usual I can't decide what to bring. Right now I have about 5 projects, too many? Not enough?



  1. those cheeks! She looks like she's pretending to sleep in the first pic. So cozy looking! I'd be content to watch her little hands moving... I love baby fingers and toes! So leeeetle

  2. Thanks for sharing the sweet baby pics! So precious. :)
    And for sharing those lovely flying geese. I have not done a swap before, but I might be interested in this one. I have just learned that 4 at a time geese method and I love it as well.

  3. Darling baby girl!! Just adorable!!!
    I'm up for a swap of flying geese, as long as there's a way to make sure that everyone makes them the same size!! ;-)
    I do that same method making 4 at a time-- have been doing them for Temecula Quilt's little sew along. Easy and quick block to make that always looks great in different settings. Count me in!!

  4. What an adorable new granddaughter. Congratulations. Love you're bright geese.

  5. Oh my goodness, Brynn is a total heart melter!! So precious! As fast as you work, 5 projects sounds about right!

  6. This little girl is soo cute and precious ! And very quiet during the night ! Wow !
    5 projects for a week ? I think it's enough... Enjoy !

  7. I don't know how you get a thing done. I would just sit and gaze at her-- when I wasn't kissing and hugging her! That little pink hat...sooo cute.

  8. So happy for Cait and Jim that they are getting a good nights sleep. Very unusual. What a perfect baby. Those pics are just so sweet. Love your pin cushion and flying geese. I'm going to check out that tutorial on how to make 4 at once. 5 projects sounds good to me. I need choices because I never know what I will feel like doing. BTW. I started making hexagons. You and funwithbarb inspired me. I'm loving it. Quick and cute. Have fun at your get away

  9. Have fun with your flying geese and the pin cushion is a delight.
    But baby Brynn is the hit of the post. She is looking so healthy!!

  10. what a sweet sweet baby girl!!
    Love your bright geese - I swapped them years ago with 2 buddies and it was fun.
    have a great get away!


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