Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Red Hot

I laid out all my Farmer's Wife blocks to see what I had in the way of colors. I am heavy on the red and blue! I am up to 50 blocks and I am trying to decide how far I will go. I definitely need more yellow and green.

I really like the combination of these two fabrics together and I love basket blocks.

So you will notice both of these blocks have red and blue in them.  Now I have to plot out the rest with a little more green, yellow and a dash of pink.
I do love these blocks and think it will be a nice quilt when I get to the end.

I also made some more nine patches, I can't stop making them. Some of them were made with the scraps from the FW quilt and some were just scraps laying around on the sewing table.

Oh and I started another quilt, for my cousin who just became a grandmother for the first time. I also need to make a baby girl quilt for a special mom who thought she would never have a baby. Sometimes you get the nicest surprises when you least expect it! I am so happy for her.
Do you have a go to pattern for a baby quilt?I would love to know......



  1. LOVE, LOVE, your farmers wife blocks!! But you know I just love your fabric choices. I also love the nine patches, It is such a fun block. Baby quilt? I pick the fabrics I like first then see if it talks to me!

  2. Your farmers wife blocks look amazing! Great colors and accurate piecing. It will be fun to see you bring this quilt together.

  3. Acccck!!! The colors in your Farmer's Wife make me want to make another one....right now! No, I can't I have too many other things going on. No....but look at that! So adorable! nooooooooooo

    so cute....

  4. Your FW blocks are so wonderfully You!! They look spectacular all laid out. Your nine patches are a party of colour too. Isn't it great when you love piecing something so much you just want to make more. You can never have to many 9 patches!

  5. Great FW blocks, Kelly! You have an eye for combining happy colours. :o) Now I'm trying to resist making some 9-patch blocks after seeing yours - they are gorgeous.

  6. preciosa colcha esposa de agricultor!!!
    tengo 70 bloques terminados, pero en este momento esta parada
    tengo otras cosas en marcha
    hice varios edredones para bebe el ultimo con mi EQ7
    para una amiga que fue abuela por primera vez
    lo puedes ver

  7. love your blocks , the colors and fabrics just make me smile!
    go to baby quilt is a brick quilt…can send you a picture of one I have made with 30's would look adorable with the fabrics from your collection

  8. love your FW blocks. They are so YOU and fun. The colors are happy and fresh. Maybe you can make a great nine-patch border for it.
    I made more 9Ps yesterday.
    My go to baby pattern is the bow tie - I'll send you a photo. So fun to work on baby quilts :)

  9. Your Farmer's Wife blocks are so fun and full of color!! As far as a "go to pattern", I have used the Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs many times. It is fast, easy and the fabrics just make the quilt! It is great for using fat quarters. I often add a couple more fabrics than is necessary for more variety.

  10. Your blocks look amazing! Love that basket block. I don't really have a go to pattern other than my own Piano Keys pattern. It also depends on my mood and the time I have to work on it. Congratulations to both, your cousin and the first time mom to be!

  11. Your FW blocks look so great. You have a lot done already. I don't have baby quilt pattern that I use alot. I usually try to find a pattern that I have not used before.

  12. This is going to be the best FW quilt ever. I love your fabric choices...


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