Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Challenge: Vintage Patchwork Revisited

Debbie, a fellow quilter emailed me the other day to see if I was interested in a challenge for our local library. She was given some old wedding ring fabrics that were sort of sewn together.

The colors are pretty and I really like the prints too.

Some are hand pieced and some are machine pieced.

They smelled a little like grandma's attic and had a few stains on them. I have not tried this before but knew others that did and gave it a whirl. It's called Restoration and it gently removes stains and brightens the fabrics.

The directions say to dissolve it in cool water and add you fabric. Let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes, rinse and repeat the soak, now for 5 to 8 hours.
I did as directed, got rid of most of the stains and dirt, they do look brighter. They also smell much nicer.

I love the sail boats

So to all the local people who might be interested here is the Vintage Patchwork Revisited Challenge.

Stop by the Downingtown Library and pick up a kit which will include several "arcs" from the original pieces ( about 28 patches). Fill out the information sheet and return with $10.00 in the envelope provided. You will get this back when you return the finished quilt or you can exchange it for a ticket to the reception and raffle of quilts on  October 5, 2012.

Make a small quilt using any number of patches from the kit along with any new fabric and or embellishment you would like to include (buttons embroidery etc) The design is up to you- traditional, contemporary whatever inspires you. Maximum size 24" on a side. You can also make a block and frame it rather than make a quilt. Quilts should have a sleeve or rings included on the back or some other way to hang it.

Turn in the finished quilt on or before October 1, 2012. Finished quilts will be displayed as they come in.
On October 5 the quilts will be displayed at a reception where all attendees willl be able to win the quilts through a lottery drawing. Details are being finalized. Tickets will be $15 per person. Refreshments will be served.

We are hoping for a lot of enthusiasm and support for this new idea as a library fundraiser. Please consider joining the fun and or passing on the information to a friend.

For more information contact Debbie at 

Do you have any ideas what I should do with mine? The pieces are about 3" x 1 3/4" .



  1. WoW, This sounds like so much fun!! What a great idea. I love all those fabrics. Thanks for the Restoration tip, I've never heard of it before, what will they think of next. As to what to make... how about a flower with the segments as petals...


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