Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have been very bad about keeping up with the blog. Right now I feel like I am in high gear getting things together for Christmas. I have been sewing but a lot of it I cannot show because they are gifts and some of those people read the blog!

 There is a blog I check out occasionally called Beach Vintage . I found this awesome tutorial for a cool quick gift.

A little tissue cover using my vintage hankies! It is so simple you will not even believe it.

First find a hankie, vintage or otherwise. Do they even make hankies for women anymore? I always put them in a soak of oxyclean and rinse well. Let them air dry and then iron them smooth. A little starch helps too.

Bring each side into the center and press well.

Sew along the short edge. You may have to play with the size depending on if your hankie is large or small.
Voila! Perfect for a place that you don't want to look at a Kleenex box! I am going to put one in the guest bedroom for my mother in law when she comes to visit in a few weeks.

I had some pretty hankies and made a bunch.

The scalloped edges make a nice touch.

This one highlights the pretty embroidery.

The little munchkins had fun on Thanksgiving.

We all ate too much.

But we needed our strength for......

We decided to give charades a rest and try a new game. I think we will be going back to charades for Christmas. It's hard to give a up a good thing!



  1. Those tissue box covers look beautiful. What a great idea! I am always impressed how you find new ways to use those vintage hankies.
    So looking forward to playing games with my kids when they come home.
    See you tomorrow!

  2. LOVE the tissue box idea. Those are so cute. I always see the hankies at antique stores around here. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Thanks for sharing the hankie tissue box idea. I have so many hankies from my Aunt's house that I would like to use but I don't want to cut them. I am going to use a xmas hanky to make a tissue cover for the holidays.
    It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and your grandkids are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing them too.

  4. those tissue holders are just sooooo pretty
    very creative! I may have to go find some vintage hankies to make one or two. or maybe just some beautiful floral fabric?
    thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great idea for pretty hankies! I've got a collection that would be perfect for this. Lovely happy holidays of your family!


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