Friday, October 26, 2018

Red and Green

I really love red and green together. It feels so fresh and crisp. I know it says "Christmas" but to me it is a lovely combination. This is a 3 Lilies block that I now want to make an entire quilt with! It is not sewn together because I still have to applique the stems.

The blocks are fun and a bit intense. They are not quick and fast though not hard, you just need patience. That block in the bottom left hand corner took an entire day! Lots of half square triangles!

I am using lots of different shades of green and red and a white background, not cream or off white.
I do like the sprinkling of polka dots throughout the blocks.

This is supposed to be done as a block of the month. I am just doing it at my own pace. I am also using up my stash as I have plenty to work with!

This was a page turner! It also gave me a lot of anxiety about both of the main characters. I think that makes it a win!



  1. Thanks to your lily block (which I first saw on Instagram), I now have Christmas Figs ordered! Thanks for the inspiration, I think!

  2. What a lovely quilt. I like the fresh colours. I am making a Christmas quilt too. Have a Jolly Little Christmas, which also needs a lot of patience!!!

  3. You are so right...the reds and greens make such a fresh presentation! Of course, the perfect quilting helps too!

  4. I like your quilts and that book title of Christmas Figs. I can't take any more anxiety so I'll pass on the novel, lol! LeeAnna

  5. Wow, I must say that your quilt up close is even prettier than the pictures on the book!! I am very impressed! Also, like your cute Santa quilt you posted recently - your grandchildren will love it I'm sure!

  6. what a fun red and green quilt! Love your different fabrics and the dots make it so happy.
    I have added your book to my reading list.

  7. I'm a green and red addict as well and I don't think they need to be reserved for Christmas either! It's just a good classic look. And thanks for the book recommendation. I'm adding it to my library list now.

  8. The blocks look very fresh and kind of calm. Must be a fun project.
    I wrote the book down, thanks to mention it here.

  9. I recognized this as being part of the Christmas Figs design. I have seen it several times on blogs and on Fat Quarter website. It is oh so tempting.


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