Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Day!

So it is about 2:24 pm here and it is strange looking outside. We are to be 70-80% at 2:45. While everyone keeps playing the song clip "total eclipse of the sun" I prefer Pinkfloyd's "and when the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon". It is quite the day!
I don't have any glasses so I can't look up, though the temptation is real......

My swap quilt is complete! I absolutely love it! I am so happy to have taken those blocks and turned them into something, rather than let them languish on my table.

The reds are all different which I think makes it so much more interesting than if they were all the same.

I used the bow tie blocks and the nine patches along the edges without thought as to where I placed them.

The crazy colors all go together and I love the wave quilting.

I love the texture. I am a person who likes lots of quilting in her quilts! 

How cute is this fabric? I have wrapping paper that is this exact pattern. I follower contacted me and said it is in a fabric store where she lives (Washington state) and said how about I buy some for you?

Not only did she buy me the fabric, she gave it to me and sent it as pretty as a present. Thank you Jonna and I will be sure to pay it forward.
Quilters are the nicest people.
Got to go, it's almost here!



  1. Kelly que alegre entrada, todas las telas son tan luminosas!!!!
    tu edredón muy bonito
    y la tela cereza preciosa

  2. Love your swap quilt--it looks just like a wonderful quilt should. And what a nice gift to receive!

  3. All those blocks look terrific together!

  4. The quilt is fabulous and the fabric is lovely.

  5. your swap quilt is just great. I love the wave quilting too.
    Fun cherry fabric and you're right quilters are the nicest!
    happy eclipse day to you too!

  6. It is so cool that you combined the two swaps! I really like each of mine done separately in a condensed straightforward setting but seeing the two together is so cool as well. I'm debating Barb's next one.

  7. Love this quilt! It's just precious with the angles and lots of red. Sparkles for sure. The connection between you and a follower is an antidote to isolation so many feel in today's world.

  8. Your swap quilt is perfect! Love how whimsical the piecing is!


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