Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Last week our guild had Melissa Averinos for a workshop and lecture. Her workshop is called "Making Faces". It was so much fun and everyone had a blast. Please consider her for your guild you will not be disappointed. She is warm and very genuine. I am hoping to get this quilted soon instead of adding it to the UFO pile.....

 I have been working, very slowly on my granddaughter Brynn's quilt. I am really enjoying picking out the fabrics and fussy cutting the centers. I better get going she is almost 6 month old!

I make piles of fabric combinations so I don't have to cut them all out at the same time. A little cutting, a little sewing and a little deciding.
I am still not sue how I am putting this together. The only thing I think I might do is half square triangles along the outside edge, in pink of course!

I have been reading voraciously! It's so much fun when you get a good selection of books. This was a tough read but very good. I love when the person in the story triumphs! It was a true story.

I so wanted to like this book. I read about it on line and it looked like a winner. An artist, a writer and quilts, what's not to love? I felt like she was very whiney and so self absorbed. Enough said. True story.

This one I happened on in the new non-fiction section. Who doesn't want to read about the last hermit? I found it fascinating and interesting. He lived in the woods (Maine) for 27 without ever being found. I won't tell you anymore but definitely worth a peruse.

This is the one I am currently reading and it is good too. It's all about hoarding and also is a true story. I just happened to be in the library when all the new released good books were put out so I scored.
I have a stack of about 7 books left to go. Sitting on the porch at night, no matter how hot it is reading, is truly a summer pleasure not to be missed.

I have a bunch of sewing ideas in my head but they aren't ready to come out. Maybe after a few more books (-:

Please let me know if you have read any of these and your opinions are always welcome.



  1. Haven't read any of the books you mention, but love to read. And the quilt blocks are so sweet, it will make a lovely and lovable quilt

  2. Nothing like having a Good Library Day! ....well, Good Hair Day is pretty sweet, too. Sooo looking forward to some porch reading.

  3. It is funny, I love Plain and Simple, but I read it while raising kids and I identified with her at the time. I also loved the passage: One day I won't need a gold star, or any star at all" .
    Loved Coming Clean! I googled her after reading it - which I almost always do with Memoir to see images of them, etc.
    I want to read hermit and will add it to my list.
    Love your face! is it a self portrait? The eyelashes are on fleek.
    super super sweet baby girl quilt

  4. You have such a gift for color, you never miss. That is just about the sweetest quilt ever! I wish I was a fast reader, I love hearing your book reviews and I love to read but I'm so slow!

  5. I didn't read your books but reading takes a big place in my life too ! Nothing in my mind except the book's story !
    Your baby quilt is sooo cute !

  6. Such pretty little blocks and thanks for sharing your reading list. I've already begun reading one of them!!

  7. The baby quilt is so sweet and wonderful for a young child too. It's so true about playing with ufo's to jump start our mojo. It's starts out sorta as 'duty' and quickly morphs into possibilities. Your bow ties & broken dishes are looking very happy togethern!


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