Monday, April 3, 2017


My sewing has been on the back burner lately. Yesterday we finally had a glorious spring day so my husband and I took full advantage and spent 8 hours raking leaves at our rental property and picking up trash. The fact that is was a nice day and we spent a productive day together made it not so bad.
I made this pouch from a free tutorial from Noodlehead. I had a metal zipper and it worked so nice and I like the feel when you zip it. I may have to invest in some more of these. It is not a hard pattern but read the directions!

Here is the inside. I like this pattern and will make it again.

The Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild is doing a charity project making placemats for Meals on Wheels. We used a product I think called Kraft Tex? I threw out the packaging so I am not sure. It was pretty easy to use and made a nice smooth surface. If you are looking to do something like this I do recommend it.

I got a subscription to this magazine called Uppercase. I do like it but it is expensive, I am not sure if I will renew it. You get 4 copies a year.

One more pincushion that I think was a good use of a fussy cut fabric. Wouldn't you like to live in this neighborhood?

I did not go to the Lancaster show last week but I did buy some cool vintage spiderweb blocks. Not one of the lays flat which is probably why they weren't put into a quilt. A nice hot iron and some starch may flatten them into submission!
Speaking of the show, did you go? I heard a lot of people decide not to go this year. One person told me the vendors were not good at all, the quilts sparse but nice. Are shows on the decline? I heard other say Quilt Con was amazing and chock full of people. I hope to get there someday.

This is our book club read this month. I am half way through it, so far it is good and I recommend it.



  1. I went to the Lancaster show and thought the quilts were amazing! The quilting on them was unbelievable, both hand and machine quilting. I spoke with one of the vendors and they said attendance and sales were much better than last year. I went on Thursday, so don't know how it was after that. Some vendors that I was looking for weren't there. Personally I loved the show.

  2. I love quilt shows, go whenever I can. I attended QuiltCon in Austin last year. Part was good , part was less than excellent workmanship, which was perplexing. Cool spiderweb blocks, can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. I didn't go to AQS in Lancaster,but we did go to The Continental Inn for the vendors. I always enjoy the quilts at the AQS. (miss the number of quilts and exhibits that Quilter's Heritage Celebration had many moons ago) Parking in downtown Lancaster is no fun. No more shuttle buses from Clipper Stadium. There was a discussion at C. Inn, many said they were not going; a gal did say she heard it was better this year...but she still was not going - felt $14 admission + all day parking garage fee was not worth it.

  4. My first quilting teacher said that most babbles can be fixed with a good press and careful quilting. The art of allowing the natural creases to form when gently pressed flat and a clever stitch or two to keep it in place. Good luck! The spider blocks look great!

  5. I know there has been lots of discussion floating about the future of big quilt shows. The vendors do seem to be fewer, but then again, the price that is charged to rent a booth is really daunting! I go for the quilts mostly, but am happy to do my part to support the vendors. I've not been to the Lancaster show only because it's not in my area, but I loved the show in Chattanooga last fall.

  6. Another blogger spoke favorably of the Lancaster Show. I live in Michigan and attend the AQS Grand Rapids Show when I can. IMHO I think by hosting shows in the same location every year, the quilters can't make the detailed and show worthy quilts fast enough. Quilt entry fees add up also. Quilters have to pay for mailing their quilts which adds up quickly with shipping insurance fees.

  7. You always make your pouches with such fun fabrics!! It so lovely to make placemats for meals on wheels. I can only dream of your amazing quilt shows in the US. Fingers crossed I get to see some one day.

  8. Your little pouch is very cute !
    Ahhh I love your shows in comparison with the French one...but I am just a tourist with stars in my eyes !

  9. I love the pouch you made!! I have never heard of Noodlehead -- will have to check it out! Ya know... there's a quilt show in Paris in a couple of weeks... maybe you and my MIL should fly over and we'll go?! :)

  10. I purchased some vintage blocks off eBay a few years ago. They wouldn't lay flat either! Just a few months ago, I read an article that said to starch and steam the crap out of them (I am paraphrasing, of course) and then weigh them down until they are cool. I used my 12-1/2: ruler with a book on top of it. Took forever, but it worked well enough to piece them together. Hope this helps!

  11. You have the most adorable fabrics! Love the little pouch and pincushion. I think you were very lucky to find those spider web blocks--they look like they were made for you. Good luck getting them to lie flat--they will make an awesome quilt!

  12. I have heard about a lot of disappointment too. the show is upside down, they care more about marketing themselves and promotion sewing shops than they do the quilts. I don't know if I'll ever enter again. I also think I'll skip it next year. sorry for the rant.
    Love your spiderweb blocks - great fabrics. Fun bag and pincushion!!

  13. I've been so reluctant about even learning EPP. Classes are few and far between where I live, have to drive forever to get there. There's just something about the pictures of EPP work that looks very addictive!



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